The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall Got Caught Cheating On His GF & Now He Says He's "Miserable"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh karma, you tricky beast. Following the release of footage that appeared to reveal The Chainsmokers DJ kissing another woman, Alex Pall revealed he's been "miserable" since his public shaming and breakup from girlfriend, Tori Woodward. Pall shared his feelings with TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, where the 32 year-old confessed "it’ll be good to get out of the country," while on his way to a show in Dohar, Qatar. Divulging that he's learned to "be a better person and take care of those who love you," following his breakup, Pall said of Woodward, "She deserves the best. I wish nothing but the best for her. She deserves a better guy than me."

Woodward shared pictures of Pall's apparent infidelity, where he looked to be kissing another woman, on Instagram stories at the start of the month. The pictures were obtained from CCTV surveillance footage of a residential area and were accompanied by statements from Woodward. One of which was reported to have read, "Alex is disgusting. Men are trash. Don’t ever forget it," while another added, "they’ll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you. Then destroy you without a second thought." Pall and Woodward had been dating since 2014.

In her Instagram story, Woodward claimed that Pall admitted this wasn't his first infidelity after "after hours of begging him for scraps of honesty." She further professed that "because he’s famous now, he had a different rulebook for decency," and added he "HASN’T EVEN APOLOGIZED." Obviously, this is an extremely difficult time for both parties. But with Pall vocalizing that he's feeling especially "miserable" about the whole thing, we thought we'd recommend some of his own Chainsmokers songs with which to help him through this trying time.

1. "Until You Were Gone"

This one couldn't be more apt if it tried. Featuring lyrics like "I take back everything I said, ooh, won't you just come home?" and "the truth is that I didn't know how good you were, until you were gone," "Until You Were Gone" probably really hits home for Pall. But maybe that's what he needs — some tough love in lyrical form.

2. "Wake Up Alone"

Asking big questions like, "will you be there in the morning, when the magics gone?" and "do you stay when it all goes? Or will I wake up alone?" this is one song that might sting first thing in the morning. But it also leaves plenty of room for self-reflection like: Is fidelity the magic that was missing and made you leave? And is that why I woke up alone? Eh, probably.

3. "Honest"

Acting like a musical mirror, "Honest" should provide a sterling reminder about why it is that Pall may be feeling so miserable in the first place. "You said I should be honest/ So I'm being honest" the lyrics state, "I'm supposed to call you, but I don't know what to say at all/And there's this girl, she wants me to take her home." Honesty is always great, friends. But committing dishonest acts and then being honest about them later? It's a bruiser. Play it loud, Pall.

4. "All We Know"

For brooding, Pall should switch it up with this little ditty that sums up all the anguish of "fading lovers" realizing their relationship may be over. "Two hearts still beating/ On with different rhythms/Maybe we should let this go." Let it go, dude. Just let it go.

5. "Good Intentions"

While Pall is still figuring things out and working on being that "better person" he told TMZ about he'll likely catch a lot of relevant feelings from this song. The song insists, "I've been led astray/Tried so hard to change/But I'm set on my ways" and also drops the awkward line, "I can't help myself from these temptations." But there's still hope in it as the refrain, "I promised I'd be good" repeatedly bellows out. Just FYI: That's a pretty terrific mantra to live by, fella. One to remember, for sure.

Like band-aids for the heart, these songs should certainly help take the edge off whatever karma has served up for Pall. And here's hoping that Woodward gets to enjoy the love and respect of "the best" sort of guy that Pall says she deserves.