The Creme Shop's Animal Blending Sponges Inject A Dose Of Cuteness Into Makeup Application — PHOTOS

Squishy makeup sponges aka blenders are everywhere these days, from the gold, er, hot pink standard beautyblender, which is egg-shaped, and beyond. Blending sponges are the ultimate for applying liquid or cream products and allow skin to have a flawless, airbrushed finish. The Creme Shop's animal-themed blending sponges are adorable AF, come in cute pastel colors, are christened with sweet names, and the packaging makes them look like animals. Otto the Otter, Penny the Pig, Barney the Bear, Hanami the Hippo, Leia the Lamb, Momo the Mouse, and Pop the Penguin all live in the creature-inspired lineup. Those are baby blue, pastel pink, lavender, mint green, peach, and white, respectively. They are also available at discount online market Hollar, which is where I initially found them.

These sponges are latex-free and apply product flawlessly. They are $7 a piece on the brand's site. Trust me — you will want to incorporate them into your daily regimen and to play with them.

If it's not obvious, the animal design and graphics, like the ears, noses, and faces, are drawn on the outer packaging shell. When you remove the sponge from its box, the product itself is plain. But all of the sponges have unique shapes for gripping. They are tools, after all.

Let's peep them! You know, they do remind me of the marshmallow Peeps in Easter baskets...

The Creme Shop

Here's Leia the Lamb in the box...

The Creme Shop

... and here she is out of the box! That curvy shape will allow for good grip.

The Creme Shop

Meet Pop the Penguin! I mean, what a cutie patootie!

The Creme Shop

Pop's shape is so different than Leia's, which you can appreciate from this visual comparison.

Several of the other animal-themed sponges are similar to Leia's curvy, grippable shape.

The Creme Shop

As the Hollar description notes, these sponges are designed for contouring, layering, or applying your full coverage base. The application is controlled and you can use the whimsical sponges with powders, liquids, or creams. They are also cruelty-free.

All. Good. Things.