These KISS Crocs Will Let You Headbang In Comfort

KISS is one of those iconic '70s bands that have become legendary across eras. Thanks to their face paint and wild concerts full of smoking guitars, fire breathing, and levitating drum sets, the rock band has permanently become part of pop culture. Which is why the new Crocs x KISS collaboration (offered in sizes 6 to 12) is a timeless drop that will catch the eyes of Gen Z-ers and Baby Boomers alike.

Crocs has partnered with one of the most explosive bands in the world to create a collection of limited-edition clogs and Jibbitz charms. The styles will be available starting May 14. The rock-inspired shoes are also pretty budget friendly, where the four styles range from $45 to $55.

The first shoe up on offer is the Bayaband KISS Clog, which combines the Baya clog (shoe that has extra ventilation holes) and the Crocband silhouette (clog with a sporty midsole) into one super clog. This particular pick takes KISS fandom to another level. The shoe is covered with fire, hinting towards KISS's penchant for shooting rockets and playing with pyrotechnics at their concerts.

The sole of the shoe also has the black and white iconic faces of the members, making it the ultimate fan shoe.

The Bayaband KISS II Clog has a different take on the shoe. It's a more colorful, psychedelic version of the first clog. The word "KISS" is stamped on the front of the shoe in a rainbow font. In addition to that, the gums of the clogs are decorated with the KISS members trapped in an acid trip.

The Classic KISS Clog takes the iconic clog that launched Crocs onto the map, and transforms it into a groupie shoe. This silhouette is Croc's most generous, roomiest fit, making it one of the most comfortable shoe options. The lightweight clogs are a matte black, and the KISS logo is stamped across it with a fire-filled font.

Then for all the fashion-conscious folks out there, there is the Crocband Platform KISS Clog. This shoe silhouette is what happens when garden shoes meet platforms. Rocking a white, silver, and black color wheel, this is the sleekest option in the collection. The platform is a sporty white, the shoes are black, and the KISS band logo is stamped across the foot in silver.

Part of the fun of Crocs is the charms that you can get to accessorize every available space of realty on your shoes. Luckily for hard rock fans, the KISS collection comes with five new Jibbitz to play with.

First off, there is the KISS logo charm. It will let you underline the fact that you're a '70s rock fan, just in case someone missed the original KISS logo splashed across the front of your Crocs.

Then there is The Demon charm, which reps KISS's front-man, Gene Simmons.

The Starchild charm mimics Paul Stanley's face makeup, whereas the Catman Jibbitz captures Peter Criss's iconic look.

Lastly there is the Spaceman Jibbitz, which honors the lead guitarist, Tommy Thayer.

Pick out your favorite band members and rock them proudly on your Crocs, or get all five Jibbitz to get the complete band together on your feet. Whatever you do, you have to admit that this new collab is a total head banger.