Here's The Truth About Mondays

If you work a traditional 9-5, Mondays signal the beginning of yet another week of stress at a desk, away from your bed/pajamas/S.O./cat. The mythical terror of this day knows no bounds, and a new Buzzfeed video shows us what life would really be like if Mondays were honest.

For me, one of the best parts about quitting my last office job was never having to hear the phrase "Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays" ever again. Although most of my former co-workers used to drop it as a riff on Office Space, it still makes me shudder even thinking about it. I mean, If there's one day that even Garfield — an unemployed cat who spends his days binging on lasagna — hates, I feel like it's only right the rest of us keep our hatred for Mondays alive, too.

That said, the witchy etymology of Monday belies is reputation as a symbol of oppressive capitalism. Monday is derived from the Latin dies lunae, which means "Day of the Moon," and is linked to moon goddesses like Diana, Artemis, and Selene. The moon also symbolizes the ebb and flow of tides both literal and figurative, and in that sense, Monday is a perfect day to start fresh and begin a new cycle, regardless of what went on in your life last week.

However, a lot of folks are still gonna hate on Monday, no matter how you twist it. Here are a five reasons why:


You Have To Listen To Stories About Everyone's Weekend

Do you really want to ask your barely-an-acquaintance cubicle mate how their weekend was and actually listen to the answer? No. No you don't.


You Are Confronted With All The Work You Didn't Get Done Last Week

I think they created a math equation about this one. The quality of your Monday is directly proportional to the amount of work you got done on Friday.


You're Stuck Going To A Bunch Of Weekly Planning Meetings

Monday is usually the day when you plan for the rest of the week, and that means a tidal wave of meetings!


Even If You Call In Sick You Still Have To Work Anyways

Thanks, telecommuting. You've even ruined sick days.


Your Lunch Break Is The Best Part Of The Day

Mondays may be tedious and even terrible, but they usually involve a lunch break. And everybody knows that lunchtime is the most glorious part of any workday.