These Details From Stormy Daniels' 2007 Interview About An Affair Sure Sounds Like Trump

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Florida radio host claims that in 2007, Stormy Daniels confirmed her alleged affair with Donald Trump during an appearance on his program. (Trump's lawyer has said that the president "vehemently denies" having had an affair with Daniels.) The host, Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, played clips from the 2007 interview on his radio show Tuesday, and although Daniels doesn't speak Trump's name, Clem says that she confirmed in writing that she was talking about Trump.

In the 2007 interview, Daniels provided Clem (formerly Todd Clem until he legally changed his name) and his staff with a written list of famous men she'd slept with. She discussed her experience with the first man on the list, and although she didn't name him, the details she provided largely match up with her later account of the affair she allegedly had with Trump.

Daniels can be heard telling Clem that the affair she was discussing took place in "Nevada, but not Vegas." According to CNN, which obtained a full transcript of the interview, Daniels then confirms that it happened in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is indeed where Daniels, both in a recent lawsuit she filed against Trump and in a 2011 interview with In Touch, claims that the alleged affair began.

In addition, Daniels says in the 2007 interview that the man in question called her "about twice a month" after their encounter; four years later, she told In Touch that Trump "called me about every 10 days" after the affair. During her appearance on Clem's show, Daniels said that the affair began in 2006 and that she "might" have sex with the unnamed celebrity again if the opportunity arose. Likewise, she claimed in her recent lawsuit that her affair with Trump began in the summer of 2006 and lasted "well into the year 2007."

Lastly, Daniels told Clem that "there was no exchange of money" between her and the man with whom she'd had the affair. Although Cohen did confirm in 2018 that he made a payment to Daniels, both Cohen and Daniels say that this happened in 2016, almost a decade after Daniels' interview with Clem.

In the clips from the interview, Clem can be heard saying "Be careful on this one, do not say a word" after Daniels writes down the name of the man with whom she had an affair. On Tuesday's show, he said that he was being cautious due to Trump's history of being "litigious."

"This isn't Vince Neil, or Tommy Lee, or David Lee Roth," Clem recalled on Tuesday. "This is a guy that's, you know, litigious, and gots [sic] money."

Several sources who were present in Clem's studio in 2007 confirmed to CNN that Daniels had indeed identified Donald Trump in writing as the man she was discussing. Clem himself said the same on-air during his Tuesday broadcast.

The Wall Street Journal reported in January that weeks before the 2016 election, Cohen arranged for Daniels to receive a $130,000 payment in exchange for remaining silent regarding her alleged affair with Trump. In a March lawsuit, Daniels claimed that she signed a non-disclosure agreement, at Cohen's behest, in which she promised not to speak publicly about the alleged affair. However, Daniels claims that Trump himself never signed the agreement, and that because of this, it should be declared legally invalid, which would free her to speak publicly about the alleged affair without fear of legal repercussions.

In February, Cohen acknowledged that he made the payment to Daniels, but refused to say what it was for. He said it was his money, not Trump's, and later told ABC News he took the money from his own home equity line.