This Beach Bag Charges Your Phone & Opens Beer, So It's The Only Tote You'll Ever Need

It's time for salty breezes, popsicles eaten on towels, and sandy toes, because beach season has arrived! And when it comes to toting all those supplies over to your spot on the sand, look no further then the Dezzio Beach Bag because it's the only bag you'll ever need. When it comes to the beach, people have a tendency to pack a lot. From your sunscreen bottles, to your tablet or e-book reader, to your bottle of Rosé wrapped inside your change of clothes, there's a lot to juggle when it comes to lying out on the sand. But this one particular tote is going to make everything so much easier and practical.

Dubbed the "world's first functional beach bag," it has 10 special features for the ultimate beach experience.

"What if you never had to worry about how to protect your belongings from sand and water at the beach? What if you just had one bag to pack all your beach essentials in a more organized way?" the brand asked on their crowdfunding page. "We designed Dezzio to solve all these problems and make your day at the beach exactly what you had hoped for — fun and relaxing."

Aditi Agarwal, the founder of the brand, got the idea for the tote when she herself couldn't find the perfect beach bag for her own weekend getaways. Noticing that there was always something missing in each option she picked out, she decided to design her own. And what a bag it is.

The features run the gamut of everything you would ever need your purse to do. Since you're going to the beach where water and sand is aplenty, the bag is waterproof to make sure that all your belongings stay dry and safe. Not only that, but the fabric is sand resistant, and the bottom of the tote unzips to reveal a concealed mesh, which makes getting rid of the sand that sneaked in super easy. Just unzip the bottom and shake your bag, allowing the sand to sift through and out. Check it out in action below.

The tote comes with a washable and reusable ecobag that's stowed away into one of the side pockets, and you can use it to put your wet or dirty clothes inside, keeping them separate from the rest of your things.

The straps on the outside of the bag also double as a beach towel holder, letting you roll up your towel and stick it through the loops — which is extra handy when you don't want to put your sandy towel inside your tote.

For your sunglasses, there's a special padded pocket on the inside that acts like a case, meaning you have one less thing you have to remember to pack. There's also an electronic pocket for your phone, and two built-in USB ports that will let you charge your android and Apple devices at once. That's right, this handy purse will charge your phone while you're at the beach!

As for other handy pockets, the tote also has a key holder, so you never have to go digging through the bottom of your bag in search of your car keys; a separate flip flop pocket on the side so you don't have to throw your shoes in with the rest of your clothes and electronics; and — arguably the best part — a cooler pocket with a bottle opener for your drinks.

The cooler pocket is on the side of the bag, designed with an insulation fabric to keep your beer or water cold. And for those moments where everyone forgets to bring the bottle opener, your purse can save the day.

Since size is important when it comes to your tote, this bag comes in three different options. You can get it as big or as small as you see fit. Below are the different picks.

For the ultimate beach experience, look no further than this handy tote.