You Probably Missed This Super Subtle Revelation In The New 'Doctor Who' Trailer


Well, it's finally here. The Doctor Who Series 11 trailer dropped this week and the new season looks set to be super exciting for many reasons as the Doctor regenerates for the 12th time. Of course, regenerating isn't anything new, but what is really new — actually brand spanking new — is the fact that this 13th Doctor is set to be female. The future really is female.

The uber talented and successful actress Jodie Whittaker will take on the lead role when the new season starts, but unfortunately, that won't be until the autumn. Almost makes you wish summer would hurry up and end, right? OK well let's not go that far but the shortening of days and cooling weather will definitely not feel quite so rubbish when you are enjoying some pretty lit televisual delights.

With still a bit of a wait on our hands until the new season starts, Whovians have been carefully dissecting the Doctor Who Series 11 trailer for clues about what could be in store. And it looks like they may have had some success. If you watch the clip, you'll realise there is something pretty darn important missing. I'm talking about the Tardis. Seriously, where is the Tardis?!

Check out the trailer below and tell me if you can spot it anywhere:

You see? No Tardis? How is the Doctor going to travel through time without it?

The trailer opens up with a pretty excited looking Whittaker, seemingly having just having regenerated, saying: "All of this is new to me. New Faces, new worlds. New times."

Uh huh, OK hun, no worries, but where is your usual whip?!

Seriously, how are you going to travel through space and time? What is going on?

Ugh I swear trailers were invented to drive us mad.

Anyway, needless to say, Twitter was popping off with theories about what the missing Tardis could mean:

Yep, some eagle eyed fans fully clocked the missing Tardis. So, what's the deal, here? The Tardis is a quintessential part of how the Doctor travels through space and time so like, how in the name of Gallifrey is she going to get around?

Well, some fans think that no Tardis could mean — shock horror — that the Doctor is stuck in time.

But how did the Doctor get to this point?

Cast your mind back to Season 10, and you'll remember the series finished with a pretty wild explosion, blowing the newly regenerated Doctor out of the Tardis. This made for an insane cliff hanger that is yet to be resolved. This cliff hanger might mean that, the Tardis is gone completely. Or at least on hiatus for a while.

Some fans were actually low-key peeved about the lack of a Tardis and missing the usual classic monsters

Look, I get it. I know people don't like change most of the time. And the lack of a Tardis is almost sacrilege to many true Whovians. But come on, people. The trailer tells me we've got a lot to get excited about.

On a brighter note, most fans so sound super hyped for the new dawn of this sci-fi classic and to see where the show is going to go.

Seriously, the new series needs to hurry up and start already.

Elsewhere, the BBC has revealed some of the Doctor's usual essential kit, which should be a relief to traditionalists. In one promotional picture, Whittaker comes through with the ubiquitous sonic screwdriver.

Well, at least that element of old-fashioned Doctor Who should assuage the needs of traditionalists.

Doctor Who Series 11 will launch on BBC One in Autumn 2018.