The Dolls Kill x '101 Dalmatian' Clothing Collab Is The '90s Throwback To Your Childhood

Dolls Kill

This year has been a field day for Disney lovers, where Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary has opened a floodgate of collaborations between the cartoon character and your favorite fashion labels, creating Happy Kingdom-inspired capsule collections. The newest one up for sale is the Dolls Kill x 101 Dalmatians clothing line, where Australian label Nana Judy teamed up with Disney to create their modern day interpretation of puppy-spotted clothing. From cozy, over-sized knits, to baggy jackets, to bold pants, this collection has it all.

Nana Judy is a premium streetwear label created in Melbourne, so you can expect the silhouettes of this collection to be both modern, on-trend, and very much '90s, incorporating a throwback urbanwear aesthetic.

This collection actually debuted during New York Fashion Week, where top models like Winnie Harlow and Shaun Ross walked down the runway covered in Dalmatian spots, turning our favorite kid's cartoon into an adult-friendly wardrobe.

The collection features both men's and women's pieces, and ranges from $25-$110, making it a pretty affordable line. You can either choose separate pieces to add a subtle polka-dot splash to your off-duty outfit, or you can choose to buy multiple items and double up on your Disney fandom, creating a bold dog-themed look. Take a look at some of your options below.

Sawyer Jacket


Dolls Kill

This denim jacket will give your closet an immediate boost in Dalmatian love, where it's made out of white denim and has a sprinkling of black spots across it. The jacket is also baggy in fit, making it the perfect piece to pair with a mini skirt or crop top, and has an embroidered pupper on the back, giving it a solid Disney twist.

Lucky Pants


Dolls Kill

Love high waist pants? Great. Now do you love Dalmatians? These two features are combined to make the ultimate fall pants, where you can wear six dogs out of a litter of a 101 down the length of your legs.

Knit Sweater


Dolls Kill

Pull off some major '90s vibes with this over-sized knit. Coming in a bold red hue with black and white checker sleeves, there's also a puppy knit right on the front, making it feel like an old sweater from your childhood. Pair it with a white turtleneck to really bring out those retro vibes.

Stone Groove Skirt


Dolls Kill

This mod-inspired skirt is a total throwback: it has an eclectic asymmetrical hemline, '60s inspired side zippers, and a wide square belt, making you feel like you're back in the swinging Sixties. The fun mini can easily be paired with a turtleneck to tone down its bold aesthetic, or it could be paired with the polka dot jacket from the collection to really make a statement.

Lucky Long Sleeve Tee


Dolls Kill

This turtleneck crop top is the perfect thing for fall, where you can pair it with little scooter minis or with high waist jeans. Featuring sport stripes across the neckline and down the sleeves, it also has a small dalmatian patch on the chest with the phrase "Did not! Did to!"

From cheeky jackets to cozy knits, make this a Disney filled season. You can shop more of the collection here on Dolls Kill, and snap up your favorite pieces before they sell out!