Dolls Kill x 'The Craft' Is The Witchy, Size Inclusive Collection You Need For Fall

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Are you light as a feather? Stiff as a board? Whether or not you dabble in the dark arts, you’ll be shook in the best way to know that a Dolls Kill x The Craft collection exists. Whether you're a full-on stan or a casual watcher of the '90s film, the collection will instantly amp up your style — something like Sarah's magical color-changing hair.

As you make your last-minute decisions as to who or what you’re going to be this Halloween, you might want to put aside all other costume plans for this launch. The Dolls Kill x The Craft collection dropped on Oct. 3 with over 30 styles spanning across apparel, shoes, and accessories. Plus, the line is offered in sizes XS to 3X. In true witchy form, almost every single product in the line is black, latex, or grunge AF in some way. Every piece — from fishnet and vinyl tops inspired by Nancy to Rochelle-esque plaid suspenders — will help you tap back into the '90s.

Dolls Kill gave fans a first glimpse of the collection on Oct. 1 via the brand’s Instagram with only a photo of models wearing the collection while holding hands around a circle of fire. The only clue the brand gave was in the caption: “We’re the weirdoS Mister. Something is Coming Tomorrow. Can you guess what it is?” Now that the black cat’s out of the bag, shoppers can choose if they want to rep Sarah, Rochelle, Bonnie, or Nancy this Hallows Eve.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

"The Craft was a film that spoke to so many people on so many levels” said Dolls Kill buyer Juliana McWilliams in the press release. “It was a sleepover staple for teens yet still dark and intriguing for adults, with a killer soundtrack and iconic '90s fashion (still dying for that black patent leather jacket).”

The collection is now available online at where pieces retail between $5 and $98. Hurry though: These pieces are all limited edition and are set to sell out fast. Here are some of the most wicked picks in the collection.

Dolls Kill x The Craft Deadly Secret Babydoll Dress

If you've watched The Craft then you've seen a rendition of this dress on baddie witch, Nancy. The dress features mesh fabric with an adjustable slip dress underneath. Plus, its unbuttoned lapel, half button closures, and fluttery cuffs make this a stylish piece to add to your closet.

Dolls Kill x The Craft Divine Mistress Of Manon Mesh Skirt

The Mistress of Manon skirt is where all the stars and planets align. Rock this look with a pair of combat boots and black knee-high boots, and you'll be ready to be a body double for any of the witches. Plus, it's so print is versatile to wear after Halloween.

Dolls Kill x The Craft The Void Vinyl Pants

It's hardly up for debate that Nancy is one of the scariest characters in the movie. However, her tight vinyl pants also made for one of the most iconic style moments in the film. The Dolls Kill collection lets you gravitate to Nancy's mysterious closet with these high-waisted contrast stitched pants.

Dolls Kill x The Craft Betches of Eastwick Platform Heels

This collection wouldn't be complete without a pair of the brand's iconic platform heels. While there are three different shoe styles in the collection, these will speak to you unlike the others. Keep your witch charms close to you with these Betches of Eastwick heels, which feature charms on the anklet and in between the heel.

Dolls Kill x The Craft You Don't Exist Suspender Skirt

Rochelle is one of the few Craft witches who doesn't rock head-to-toe black everyday. Instead, her style reads more preppy and grunge. So if you want to commit to a Craft-inspired fall look beyond Halloween, this suspender skirt is right up your alley.

Dolls Kill x The Craft The Witching Hour Pleated Skirt

A simple pleated skirt is an iconic staple piece from the original film poster for The Craft. Shoppers can snag this charmed pleated skirt for $38. And if you're not feeling the charms, just detach it to get more wearability out of it.

Dolls Kill x The Craft None Undone Babydoll Dress

Halloween or not, this None Undone Babydoll Dress will have you living your best '90s life. The short-sleeved dress features a velvet corset bodice and a mesh skirt. If you want this exact look, you can also grab the fishnet top for $38.

Nineties witches will always have a special place in the hearts of Halloween lovers. And this collection proves no matter how trends change, dressing like an evil teen witch never gets old.