Meet The Women Looking For Their 'Shot At Love' With Vinny & Pauly D


Just when you thought the Jersey Shore spinoffs were behind you, MTV has upped the ante: a Jersey Shore spinoff that also spoofs The Bachelor. On MTV's Double Shot at Love, 20 contestants will vie for the hearts of Jersey Shore stars Vinny and Pauly D. The show is also a continuation of the network's Shot at Love franchise, which previously starred Tila Tequila (2007) and twins Rikki and Vikki Mongeon (2008). So basically, it's the amalgam of every reality TV fan's dreams.

The Double Shot at Love trailer pretty explicitly riffs on The Bachelor format with a romantic narration and sweeping views of a grandiose mansion. The inserted graphics even use similar fonts that fans are used to seeing from The Bachelor; it's that detailed. But of course, it wouldn't be a Jersey Shore spinoff without a guido twist. Instead of red roses, Italian-themed red, green, and white flower petals fill the screen, and the guys don sleeveless tuxedos. "The ultimate bromance is back," the trailer's narrator says. "And they're ready to double down at finding love."

According to the show's official description, 20 women are gathered under one roof for a shot at winning over either of the guys. Pauly and Vinny "decide which women stay and go, but to level the playing field, the ladies get to pick which man they want to date." Below, meet the women competing for their shot at love.


Alli Adams

According to MTV, this tatted blonde bombshell is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, but her Instagram bio says she lives in Tennessee. A March 6 Instagram post from Nashville is captioned, "Happy to be back in this city," so she could have recently moved, or her bio was referring to her hometown. She works in marketing and public relations.


2. Alysse Joyner

Joyner is a 24-year-old model and dancer from New York. She also runs an Instagram account focused on food and cooking.


Ashley Lands

According to her website, Lands is a "race car driving, building climbing, runway walking 23-year-old" from New York.


Brittani “B-lashes” Schwartz

According to Newsday, Schwartz has a master's degree in school counseling from Long Island University. She works as a college admissions counselor and a bartender. Fun fact: she and fellow cast member Marissa Lucchese are both from Long Island, but told Newsday they didn't know each other before appearing on the show.


Brittnay Dawson

Dawson is a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Nebraska who started her own creative business at 23. According to her website, she is a TV personality and CEO of Therese Media LLC, "a modern-day media production and storytelling agency."


Cate Lapera

Lapera is 27 and from Staten Island, New York where she is a nursing student and bartender. By the looks of her Instagram, she's the life of the party.


Christina Lawrence

Lawrence's Instagram handle, @christinadreaming is quite representative of her dreamy aesthetic. She seems a bit mysterious — she doesn't write much about herself in her bio. But she seems very dedicated to yoga and a healthy balance between the mind, body, and soul.


Derynn Paige

After graduating from Rutger's University in New Jersey, this 25-year-old founded her own clothing line called Goddess of Easton that specializes in cute graphic tees and comfy casual wear.


Deseree Flores

Flores is 37. She works as a personal trainer in Arizona and creates fitness videos for her YouTube channel.


Elle Wilson

Wilson's Instagram is set to private for the time being, and she doesn't post much information about herself on Twitter. But the 25-year-old from Philadelphia seems excited about the opportunity to be on MTV.


Holly Gurbisz

Gurbisz's Instagram account is also set to private, but she has a YouTube channel containing numerous audition reels. A LinkedIn profile with her same name, but no profile picture, calls her a professional actor. Her cover photo on Twitter reads "Put your hoops in and remember who you are," so she's likely to keep things interesting with Pauly and Vinny. She's 26.


Maria Elizondo

Elizondo is 22 and she's from New Jersey. But Double Shot won't be her first reality TV appearance. According to her Instagram bio (her profile is set to private), she also appeared on Are You The One Season 7. She recently made a YouTube video explaining how her ex drove her to audition for reality TV.


Marissa Lucchese

Lucchese is a 22-year-old makeup artist from New York who serves straight-up glam to the tri-state area. She also sells her own brand of mink lashes that are used on the set of Double Shot.


Michelle “Mish” Gao

Gao is 22, and she's from Orange County, California. Her Instagram is private, but she tweets a lot, and she seems to have a fun sense of humor.


Nadya Erazo

According to her Instagram bio, Erazo is a model and makeup artist in L.A. She's 29.


Nikki Hall

Hall is 23 and is from L.A. Her Twitter bio describes her as an empath. She tweets a lot of inspirational calls to action, such as, "Women with ambition run their business, Not their mouths."


17. Shira Tran

Tran is a licensed cosmetologist who owns and operates her own salon in her hometown of New Orleans called Shira's Suite. She's 27.


Susan “Suzi” Baidya

Baidya's Instagram shows that she's a registered nurse who likes to have fun on her days off. She's 30 years old and hails from the state of California.


Victoria Fryer

Fryer is 25 from Long Beach, California. She doesn't share much info about her personal life on Instagram, just lots of outfit and swimsuit shots.


Zuljeily Andino

It looks like Andino recently deleted her Instagram account. Her Twitter is still up, but isn't super active. Her bio says she's a former beauty queen and model, and it looks like she may have once worked at TIER Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

To see if Pauly and Vinny find love for real with any of these ladies, tune into MTV on Jersdays at 8 p.m. ET.