The DraughtDryGoods x Wildfang Outsider Misfit Campaign Will Inspire The Nonconformist In You

What you wear holds more power than you might think, and this collaboration proves it. Draught Dry Goods teamed up with Wildfang to create a campaign and collection called the Outsider Misfit Crew, which celebrates people who stand up and stand out. Everything in this 12-piece collection will have you feeling great while giving back to charity at the same time. It really doesn't get better than this when it comes to shopping.

If you've ever felt like a "rebel rouser," "queer outsider," or "black sheep," then Draught Dry Goods x Wildfang is for you. Combining great style and a good cause, this collection has everything from from hats and patches to totes and sweatshirts that represent all the Outsider Misfits out there. The apparel is decorated with slogans like "outsider" and "face full of sunshine," plus ten percent of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and The American Civil Liberties Union.

The collaboration is accompanied by an inclusive Outsider Misfit Crew campaign featuring a group of eleven inspiring influencers, from artists to entrepreneurs. Basically, these are the IRL powerhouses that inspired the range. “This collection is so relevant right now,” said Wildfang Creative Director Taralyn Thuot in a press release. “It’s graphic. It’s provocative. And most importantly, it celebrates diversity. Layer on the dope silhouettes, interesting techniques, and luxe materials and I’d say it’s our best collection yet.”

Courtesy Wildfang

Just like the message, the line has something for everyone. Ranging from $10 to $300, there's everything from striped t-shirts to bold bomber jackets. You can even buy patches to put on clothing that you already have. The options are endless. The collection is limited edition, so you should probably shop while you have the chance.

Courtesy Wildfang

"We are the weirdos, the nonconformists, and the oddballs. We are the misunderstood and the underestimated," reads a quote on the Wildfang website. "And we’re putting our collective middle fingers up and saying f*ck your racism. F*ck your sexism. F*ck your homophobia and transphobia and xenophobia and whatever phobia you haven’t even thought to be scared of yet."

Courtesy Wildfang

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Wildfang website and get in on this powerful message while you still can.