The Dreamiest Gifts For Every Type of BFF

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Some people think you can only truly have one best friend, but anyone with a whole group chat full of their BFFs knows better. The truth is, it's very possible to have a best friend from every stage of your life. Some of us are lucky enough to be super-close with our besties from childhood. They're the ones who knew all about your first crushes, came to all of your sleepovers, and maybe even served as date to your middle school dance. In college, amid nights of staying up to study (or party), you might have found yourself a new BFF or two.

And so, you go on making new best friends but never forget the O.G.s who've been with you from day one, whether it's a close sibling or the BFF you made at your first job out of college. And when it comes to holiday gifting, there's no forgetting any of them. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, we're taking a trip down memory lane to help you find the best gifts for all of your BFFs, because we know they each hold a special place in your heart, whether you've been besties for decades or just a few years. Read on for our picks.

The Childhood BFF

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Your childhood BFF was there with you through all of your major coming-of-age moments — your major crush, awkward school dances, your very first bra. It only makes sense to get them gifts that are a sentimental nod to this formative time in both of your lives, plus a few treat-yourself items they're sure to love.

The College Bestie

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All of your major growing up happened with your college bestie. There's a good chance you two have spent your fair share of nights on the couch eating snacks, drinking wine, and watching movies instead of studying. In honor of those nights, a set of wine glasses, some self-care skincare, and a cozy pillow or two make the perfect gifts.

Your Sibling BFF

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If there's any BFF you know the best, it's your sibling. You've spent your whole lives together, after all! It's totally fine to splurge on them a bit, whether you go with a gold bracelet that's perfect for stacking or that luxe fragrance they've been wanting for forever.

Your Work Bestie

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Work can be a lot at times, but with your work bestie by your side you get through the day. To say "thank you" for all the lunch dates and secret inside jokes, try cute office supplies, a candle they can keep at their desk, or even a set of headphones (so they don't have to keep borrowing yours)

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