Emotional Stages Of Buying New Clothes

Courtesy of Marshalls

When fall finally settles in, a few things usually arrive with it: color-changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and a desire to revamp our wardrobes. Our personal style is constantly evolving, so it’s not surprising that we feel the need to hit the 'closet refresh' button every few months. I’m always reorganizing the way things are hung or rotating out pieces depending on the season. But when it comes time to actually add to and update my clothes, I will put off the task for as long as I can. Because, let's be real, the thought of getting organized can be very overwhelming.

Refreshing your style can seem be daunting. Where to start? What to scrap? Where to go to get the most for your money? But it's not impossible. In fact, it can surprise you with how fun and doable it actually is. We’ve partnered with Marshalls — your one-stop treasure land for closet revamps — to present you with the six emotional stages of shopping for a fresh wardrobe. It’s all here, from the moment you decide to take on the challenge to shopping for great pieces that will give you next-level style. And trust me, if you can do this, you can do pretty much anything.

Stage One: Despair

We’ve all been there: You open your closet door, stare at the garments that are hanging in front of you, and wail, “I literally have nothing to wear!” Then there's the worry that you'll be able to buy maybe two new items (and still afford the rent), putting you right back in front of your closet, in despair. It’s not a fun feeling, but hey, acknowledging that you need a change is the first step towards actually making one. *High five yourself for minor progress.*

Stage Two: Determination

Take a deep breath, grab an honest friend (and maybe a glass of wine), and start to go through the contents of your closet. Make piles of what you love, what you’re unsure about, and what you never wear. Once you have a pile of things that you’re ready to part with, consider donating them or organizing a clothing swap with your friends. That way, you’ll know that those clothes are going to a good home, and you can make way for pieces that you will really love.

Stage Three: Inspiration

Scroll through the feeds of your favorite accounts, check out inspo boards, flip through a magazine, or hit the streets and take photos to get inspired! You never know what will spark your interest, and you may end up surprising yourself and falling in love with something totally unexpected. Once you’ve gathered some images that you love, create a moodboard. You'll be able to see what styles you really like, and when you hit the store, you'll know what you’re looking for.

Stage Four: Choice

Now that you're there, and you can really see all of the possibilities in front of you, you realize just how many ways you can revamp your wardrobe. Head to a store like Marshalls — one with plenty of different style options, from bomber jackets to ankle boots — to break out of a style rut. And while you may go there with a list or a few items in mind, don’t be afraid to stray away from your plan if you see something that you really love. The best part of going to the store is that you have the opportunity to discover new products that you hadn’t considered before — like snagging some cute home decor or the perfect gym outfit along with your new clothes. You'll be able to find so much good stuff, the only challenge will be deciding what you love most.

Stage Five: Surprise

I love a good surprise, and one of the best surprises you can get while shopping is a good deal on a piece that you love. Shop a store that ensures the prices are as awesome as the styles, so you can actually feel pumped — and not the least bit regretful — about all the new finds you just bought. Now that’s reason enough for a mini closet makeover.

This post is sponsored advertising content created in collaboration with Marshalls.

Illustrations: Claire Joines.