How The ‘Everwood’ Cast Knew That Chris Pratt Was Going To Be Star Is Too Funny

William Campbell/YouTube

Before he was starring in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World, Chris Pratt was Bright Abbott on Everwood. So when his former cast mates reunited for a 15th anniversary panel at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, they couldn't stop gushing about Pratt, who was unable to attend. (Apparently, he's busy or something. Go figure.) In fact, the Everwood cast said they knew Pratt was a star — and it had a little something to do with his stomach.

According to TV Line, John Beasley, who played Irv Harper, told the crowd that Pratt had "a lot of the qualities that would make him a star," joking that, first and foremost, he "was a good-looking white boy." Beasley got a lot of laughs for that one, but he also added that Pratt was "such a nice guy. And he could eat." Yes, apparently, his appetite wasn't just a sign of an empty stomach, but a clue that he was hungry for success.

And this boy was starving, as his on-screen dad Tom Amandes could attest to. "He would sit down and do a take, and he would eat, and we'd call 5 and he would still be eating," the actor, who played Dr. Harold Abbott, said. "He's turning around, 'this is so good! What is this, apple cake?'"

His TV sister Emily Van Camp, who played Amy Abbott, also remembered Pratt snacking on a "steak for four" after others bet him that he couldn't finish it. While Van Camp didn't say one way or another, Pratt probably did finish it.

This is, of course, not the first time Pratt's Everwood appetite has been discussed. At the Austin Television Festival in 2014, the cast shared other stories about his impressive digestion. "Every time in the dailies, we would watch and be so impressed," creator Greg Berlanti said. "He would eat every plate that was on the table."

"And he then he would always complain about how his stomach was hurting," Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew, who played Hannah Rogers, added. "I remember multiple times telling him, ‘You might want to stop eating right now because I’m going to hear you complain about it in about five minutes.’" I can't help but wonder if all this on-set snacking is where Pratt got the idea for his now famous Instagram series "What's My Snack?"

For those wondering if Everwood will ever jump on the revival bandwagon, Berlanti said, “No one’s asked, but I think we all would love to work together again." But, to be honest, I'm not sure Pratt's stomach could handle it.