A Pokémon Sneaker Line Exists & Yes, You'll Want To Catch Them All

If you haven't gotten over the Pokémon Go craze yet and are still in the mood to catch 'em all, then this new Pokémon shoe line will catch your interest. There's a FILA x Pokémon sneaker collab, bringing you white velcro kicks decorated with your favorite Pokémon characters. The great thing about these sneakers is that they're not too outlandish. While there's nothing wrong with having a maximalist eye, sometimes themed collaborations create such memorable designs that a person with a quieter aesthetic can't try them out. This time around, the new Pokémon sneakers were designed using the FILA Classic Kicks B sneakers as inspiration, using its low-top silhouette and adding in velcro straps for a '90s throwback touch.

The shoes come in five different colorways featuring five different characters, so you can choose the one that fits your aesthetic best. Since the shoe is all-white, the focus is on the heels, which features the embroidered Pokémon characters or Pokémon symbols. For a subtle splash of color, the heels feature the character's designated hue, which spills into the inside of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe also features a small embroidered Poké ball, bringing the theme together.

But the fun doesn't stop there: Once you buy them, the shoes come in a box painted like a Poké ball, making you feel like you actually caught your character.

There is one catch, though. Afterall, those Pokémon have a reputation for being elusive. The collab is only available at FILA locations in South Korea right now, and there has been no news on it going worldwide yet. However, if you purchase them through the retailer Harumio, they will deliver to the U.S. And you won't have to pay an expensive amount on shipping either, because delivery to the States is free. Harumio gets its products from official retail channels from the actual manufacturers (so in this case, FILA,) so you won't be getting knock-off shoes.

Check out all of the Court Deluxe Low Top Sneaker styles below.






If you love Pokémon, these shoes are a fun way to express your obsession.