How To Make The Most Of 2017's First Full Moon

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

New year, new lunar cycle. The first full moon of 2017 is on Jan. 12, so here's how to make the most of it. I'm not going to say it's our year, because I'm never saying that about any year ever again; however, this is a chance to start over — to wipe the slate clean and consider things from a fresh perspective. Who doesn't love that every now and then? Especially after 2016, which was such a dumpster fire that "dumpster fire" was just chosen as the American Dialect Society's word of the year.


The January full moon is often referred to as the Wolf Moon, the Hunger Moon, or the Cold Moon, names which originated from the Algonquin tribes of New England. Though these names do reference the general awfulness of the month of January — coldness, bleakness, and hunger (let's be real: If we were living in a time before grocery stores, we'd all be starving at this point) — it also points to the desire for the next year to be different and better.

Now, more than ever, we're hungry for positive change, both personally and culturally. Embrace that need and act on it. Write out a tangible list of intentions for the month as well as for the year. Don't hamper your desires based on realistic expectations. There will be time enough for that. When it comes to full moon goal setting, go big. Engage in unabashed honesty with yourself. What! Do! You! Want! Truly!

Develop a mantra — nothing fancy or complicated (although if that's your thing, then do your thing), but a sentence or two that you can use to calm yourself down, build yourself back up, and boost your confidence. Help yourself be brave.

From an astrological standpoint, this full moon is in Cancer, though it's situated within the constellation Gemini, between the twin stars Pollux and Castor. On any full moon, our energy is generally turned inwards, allowing us to recognize our goals and bring them to fruition. On this particular full moon, we may be able to get to the heart of conflicts (those Gemini twins were warring AF) — but that doesn't necessarily mean that the solutions to our problems, particularly the long-standing ones, will be illuminated.

Avoid acting on your impulses, as they may be more reckless right now than they'd usually be. Hold yourself to structure. Don't tolerate bad behavior — not from other people, and especially not from yourself. This is not the easiest full moon to begin the year with — but you got this. The lunar cycle moves forward, and you will, too.