These Are The Five Best Bed Positions For Sleeping, According To Feng Shui Experts

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I've tried every method there is for better sleep. Warm milk before bed, counting sheep, listening to boring podcasts, switching off any screens. They tend to work with varying levels of success. And then there's the different sleeping positions: the starfish, the fetus, the log. But I never know which one actually works best. Getting a better night's sleep depends on so many different variables. However, one thing I didn't know about until recently is that the position of your bed in your room can determine how well you sleep. But what are the best bed positions for sleeping? I've got all the answers you need to help you stop you tossing and turning at night.

Bringing a little bit of feng shui — the ancient Chinese art of aligning yourself with your environment — to the bedroom may be exactly what you need to get your sleep patterns on the right track. If you've tried everything else but have had no luck, then this slightly more niche route might be the way to go. It may take a little while to find the right place for your bed, so don't be afraid of some trial and error, but here's your beginner's guide to bed feng shui, and to getting a better night's sleep.


Make sure you're not sleeping under a sloped ceiling

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According to The Spruce, a specialist feng shui site, lying under a sloped ceiling, beam, or ceiling fan can reportedly lead to cramps and general body aches, as well as a nasty headache. The site even attests that, if you share a bed with your partner, and the bed is positioned under a beam, it could actually lead to arguments and bad energy between the both of you. Try moving the bed to a less cramped space and see how it helps.


Don't sleep under a window

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Feng shui site Red Lotus recommend that you not place your bed under a window, but rather near a more secure surface. In this case, headboards are definitely your friend. Apparently, it's feng shui 101 to always have your head and feet pointing towards a wall, instead of something openable, like a window or door.


The commanding position

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In feng shui, they have what's known as the pretty appealing sounding "Commanding Position." And The Spruce write that you can achieve that position by placing your bed furthest from the door, in a way that's not aligned with it, but positioned diagonally from it.


Consider a canopy


A good bit of shelter might help make your bedtime ritual a little dreamier, and your sleep deeper. That's why you should consider a canopy to drape over your bed. Instead of making you feel compressed, having a canopy draped over the bed — particularly if you have a four-poster — means you're likely to feel more supported, and drift off easier, according to Feng Shui Nexus.


Keep Mirrors Away

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According to lifestyle site Mind Body Green, in feng shui, mirrors by the bed are a big no no. Mind Body Green even goes so far as to suggest that a mirror by your bed invites a "third person into the marriage," so unless you're considering forming a throuple, it might be best to place your mirror as far away as possible.