The Frida Kahlo x MISSHA Tension Compact Is Coming & It's A Testament To Her Art & Life

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

It's a collision of culture in the most beautiful and perfect way. K-beauty brand MISSHA is launching a Frida Kahlo tension compact which pays homage to the life, art, spirit, and unique beauty of the Mexican painter, who's work remains beloved to this day.

Kahlo is an emblem of strong women and this compact is a physical manifestation of that. Here's everything to know about the MISSHA x Frida Kahlo foundation compact. I received a press sample and OMG, I can attest that it's absolute perfection.

The product itself is innovative and the packaging is ace. The densely-woven "Tension" net, which is placed over the cream foundation in the compact, filters the product evenly so you are left with smooth and flawless skin.

According to the press materials received by Bustle, the Original Tension Pact will come in two foundation formulas — Intense Moisture and Perfect Cover. The former offers all-day, dewy hydration — like 24-hours all-day— and is comprised of olive, jojoba seed, and grape seed oils, along with ceramide and hyaluronic acid. The latter is full coverage, evens tone, smooths texture, and adheres magnetically.

Both formulations have SPF 37, providing that additional layer of protection.

The MISSHA x Kahlo compacts will retail for $25 and lands on the brand's site on Jul. 13.

It's like a cushion compact, but different.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Amazing, right? The packaging that is to die for. The circular compact features red roses, deer, skulls, and leaves on the top. It matches the box, as well.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

The product inside the compact is creamy and you can tap the foundation and dab on your face with fingers or the enclosed applicator puff, which is recommended. The branded and provided puff is thin and cuts product absorption in half, all the while doubling the amount of product that is applied in one pat, resulting in less waste.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Here's what makes the Tension Pact different than the ever-popular cushion compact. The high-density Ruby Cell fabric, with actual tension net fibers, enables lighter application and even dispersal of product with increased adherence.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

I have the Perfect Cover version and it's light, breathable, and wears comfortably. You can build coverage, but I go with a light layer. Teen Vogue reports that it has a floral scent, which I didn't notice until I put it right under my nose and inhaled. It's faint and unobtrusive.

The MISSHA x Frida Kahlo Tension Compact is beautiful on the inside and out.