'Friends' Is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary By Releasing A Central Perk Coffee Line

by Lia Beck
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

In news best filed under "Want to Feel Old", Friends is turning 25 this year. Yep, the series debuted way back when on September 22, 1994. To celebrate this milestone, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is featuring Friends-themed drinks in-store, as well as Central Perk-inspired coffee and tea that fans can make themselves at home.

For many Friends fans, the most exciting part about the collaboration between The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Warner Bros. will probably be the six special beverages that are each named after a Friends character. So, you can go into a Coffee Bean and order "The Rachel" or "The Joey" or even "The Ross", if you are one of the rare fans.

Well, you can order based on your favorite character, or just based on whatever drink you like best. You see, just because you have a favorite Friend, that doesn't mean you'll want their drink. Love Chandler, but hate coconut? Sorry, buddy. Chandler is apparently all about coconut and caramel in his coffee these days.

Here are all of the Friends drinks. As you'll see, they all offer plenty of room for discussion as to why or why not they truly suit each Friend:

The JoeyMango Cold Brew Tea

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This one is pretty self-explantory. It's cold brew tea with mango flavor. Does Joey seem like a tea drinker? I'm not sure, but mango seems appropriately fun.

The MonicaMidnight Mocha Cold Brew

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

It's cold brew combined with dark chocolate syrup, and according to The Coffee Bean, it has "precisely balanced flavors of coffee and chocolate for perfectionists like Monica Geller."

The RachelMatcha Latte

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Well, Rachel is trendy, so this works. It features matcha blended with vanilla powder and milk.

The RossClassic Flat White

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Ross' drink is nothing new. A flat white is espresso with aerated milk. "No awkwardness here, this beverage is sophisticated and sleek, just how Ross Geller wants to be," The Coffee Bean explains while simultaneously dissing Ross.

The ChandlerCaramel Coconut Latte

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Chandler gets a latte with coconut and toasted caramel. It works because he seems like someone who would think he was a black coffee drinker until he found this — like that time he got really into taking fancy baths.

The PhoebeCookies and Cream Ice Blended

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This blended espresso drink with vanilla and chocolate cookie pieces sounds very sweet and like it would make someone very energetic, which sounds right for Phoebe.

If you'd like to get one of the drinks for yourself, they'll be available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from Wednesday, July 31 until Tuesday, August 27. And, as a bonus, during the week of August 4, the Friends drinks will be buy one, get one free in honor of National Friendship Day.

As mentioned above, The Coffee Bean will also be selling coffee and tea customers can brew at home. There are two types of coffee: Central Perk Medium Roast, which has "a nutty aroma and a sweet, smooth finish" and Central Perk Dark Roast, which is "rich" and "aromatic" and has "sweet, chocolate undertones that pack a punch." The tea option, Central Perk Tea, is a black tea that is blended with citrus. These items are available online now, and will be available in stores July 31 through the end of summer.

Clearly, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is about to have a lot going on in celebration of Friends, so if you want to try one of the drinks for yourself, be sure to mark your calendar, or check out the Coffee Bean site now, if you want to order coffee or tea to make yourself.