The Gifts People Try To Re-Sell After The Holidays Might Surprise You

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy thredUP

Odds are that you're familiar with the infamous post-holiday fashion struggle. The most wonderful time of the year is all about gift giving, but sometimes you are gifted clothing that just simply isn't your style. In those cases, thrifting is a solid option. And, it turns out, a lot of people try to sell their unwanted clothing gifts after the holiday season. According to secondhand buying and selling app thredUP's Holiday Purge Surge Report, there are trends when it comes to gift giving fails and Black Friday remorse post-holidays. And these trends can tell you what clothing gifts you should avoid giving.

Clothing is truly the trickiest item to gift around the holidays. Fashion is such a personal thing, which means what you love is not always what the person receiving your gift loves. Around the holidays, thredUP reports a major spike in new-with-tags items added to the website — a 34 percent jump to be exact. ThredUP says they receive 200,000 brand new items with tags still attached around the holidays. According to the website, 38 percent of people say that they send their unwanted gifts to thrift shops rather than returning them.

The report says that the most regretted Black Friday purchase, according to thredUP statistics, is denim. Yes, the most practical thing you wear is also the one people are getting rid of the most. The study shows that there is a spike of Express, True Religion, and J.Crew jeans, making them the impulse buy to avoid while you're out shopping on Black Friday. In fact, there's actually more than two and a half times the amount of those new-with-tag items added to the online thrift website than usual.

Courtesy thredUP

But the holiday shopping regret doesn't stop there. The thredUP Holiday Purse Surge Report shows that the most purged holiday item is North Face fleeces. The brand says that they receive 80 percent more (!!!) new-with-tags North Face fleeces in January. So maybe now would be a good time to let the family know that you don't want the zip-ups.

Celebrity clothing brands don't do so hot post-holidays, either. According to thredUP, the Kardashian Kollection is the most thrifted brand of the holiday season, with 26 percent of items sent to thredUP unworn. Kate Hudson's Fabletics and Eva Mendes' line with New York & Co. are also some of the most thrifted brands.

Courtesy thredUP

Don't let all of that news get you down though. There are some upsides to the Holiday Purge Surge Report, too. ThredUP shows that Everlane is the least regretted purchase of the holiday season. Less than one percent of the new-with-tags items comes from the brand. That's only three of the 1, 641 items that were sent to thredUP in 2016. If you're looking for a fool-proof gift to give, you might want to start with Everlane.

The brand suggest skipping gifting items that are too trendy. You know, like those metallic items and cold-shoulder tops. According to the report, that's what everyone else is trying to get rid of at this time of year.

As far as when to start purging your own closet goes, you should know that most people start cleaning theirs out the week before Christmas. If you're looking to buy secondhand, this is the time to hit the shopping app for gently used items.

Courtesy of thredUP

Consider this the shopping PSA that you need before the Black Friday sales roll in. Don't let yourself be frustrated with holiday shopping this season. Just think before your purchase.

And if all else fails, at least you can try and sell it on thredUP. After all, it might not be the perfect gift for you, but it might be a treasure for someone else out there.