Behold The New, Gigantic "Party" McFlurry

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you're anything like me and have often found yourself saying "One McFlurry is just not enough," you're in luck. McDonald's Party McFlurries have just been unveiled, which means your party life and stomach will never be the same. Well, kinda — for now, they're only available in France and Spain. So you'll have to hop over the pond or seriously work on your patience. I KNOW, I'm sorry, I should have first mentioned that for now we can only look but not taste, I'm just so excited that these sweet treats exist that I couldn't resist.

The McFlurry Party is similar to the kinds of ice cream pints you might buy at the grocery store — they're technically approximately four servings but a not-so-secret part of your subconscious knows that you'll probably not share with anyone because sharing is not always caring. Accompanied by four cups and the open suggestion to share, the McFlurry Party is a tub of blended ice creamy goodness that comes with four cups and four spoons but no rules. Personally, I'd probably find a better use for those cups, like organizing change, practicing my Pitch Perfect Anna Kendrick cup song cover, or wearing them like small hats to birthday parties. Alas, if you're into sharing, you may. And if you're into being the best guest at any party, show up with a McFlurry Party and win.

And while there's no word yet from McDonald's on whether or not they have plans to expand the party to the U.S.A., I wouldn't get discouraged. The McFlurry Party only made its way to France in November and based on what a hit it seems to be over there, it's hard to imagine that it wouldn't head this way next. I mean, us Americans love the supersize and love to party. This sharable dessert combination is like the epitome of our interests. We are the McFlurries target demographic: we're year-round ice cream obsessed, we love treats-to-go and we live for Instagram trendy foods.

Until then, you can ogle over some pictures of other people enjoying the delicious treat via Instagram — because that really seems to be the place that the newest and yummiest food trends debut — or you could get creative and order a few regular sized McFlurries and put them in giant container and DIY it until we get the real thing. Or, of course you could move to France or Spain so that you don't have to wait for it to come here.

Um, hello, #ImmigrationParty4McFlurryParty anyone?

Because #Pints4Life.