'The Girl In The Spider's Web' Booth Was A Time To Remember At Bustle's First Annual Rule Breakers

If you could be the most badass version of yourself, what would you do? Would you speak for the voiceless? Would you take justice into your own hands? Would you change the world for the better?

At Bustle's first annual Rule Breakers Festival, held on September 22nd at Brooklyn's LeFrak Center, thousands of people convened have that experience. The day was a celebration of women who refuse to play by society's rules. Three thousand badasses came together for a day of activities, performances, and activations all inspired by that powerful rebel spirit that Bustle stands for.

If we're talking about modern movie heroines who align with that energy, there's plenty to say about Lisbeth Salander. In the upcoming film The Girl In The Spider's Web, Lisbeth (played by Claire Foy fresh off her Emmy ® win) is a vigilante hacker that stands up for downtrodden and wronged women by taking justice into her own hands. Set in present day, this next chapter of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo franchise shows us a new Lisbeth Salander as she takes on a corrupt organization, finding herself in a more dangerous situation than ever. But fearless and determined, no obstacle is a match for this determined rule-breaker.

It only makes sense that there was an entire booth at Rule Breakers dedicated to the story of Lisbeth. ICYMI, we spent some time at The Girl In The Spider's Web lounge, and got to feel like the most badass versions of ourselves. Re-live the day with us below!

1. We Got Tangled In The Spider's Web

Toni-Ann Langella

An artistic, bejeweled spider's web structure functioned as the introductory photo op to the whole experience. Guests had a great time snapping pictures, laughing, talking to the brand ambassadors, and doing their best model poses. Instagram star Pau Dictado made an appearance, seen above, and seriously slayed the photo op. Just like Lisbeth, our brave rule breakers were hardly intimidated by the prospect of getting tangled. Just another thing for the 'gram.

2. We Inserted Ourselves Into The Girl In The Spider's Web Trailer

Toni-Ann Langella

I don't know about you, but from now on, the only photo booths we want to do are the interactive ones. A The Girl In The Spider's Web branded tent housed a totally interactive, film-style photo booth (courtesy of Om Studio) where you could effectively insert yourself into The Girl In The Spider's Web trailer. It felt like you were filming your own Lisbeth-inspired, dark spy music video and we loved every second of it. See evidence below.

3. We Got Some Fresh Ink

Toni-Ann Langella

A day like this wouldn't be complete without a nod to Salander's iconic ink. Granted, this was temporary ink in our case, but ink nonetheless! Visitors had fun mixing and matching some custom-designed Tattly temporary tattoos, each inspired by Lisbeth's body art. The tattoo selection included a stylized dragon, a chess piece, and the title art. So cool!

Toni-Ann Langella

4. We Took A Breather

Toni-Ann Langella

As great of a time we had at the festival, it was a day. Located on a terrace overlooking the roller rink, guests found a lovely refuge in the The Girl In The Spider's Web Lounge on some sitting blocks. If you wanted to take a quick rest, strategize the rest of your day, and enjoy a drink, this was a great place to do so.

5. We Juiced Up Our Phones

Toni-Ann Langella

What good can an international vigilante hacking badass do if their technology isn't charged? Thankfully, the lounge boasted a series of phone chargers and adapters to set everyone up for a full day of documenting, sharing on social media, texting, and spreading the word about all the rule-breaking fun. Serious lifesaver!

Missed all the fun at The Girl In The Spider's Web Lounge activation at Rule Breakers? Never fear! You can still channel your inner Lisbeth by seeing The Girl In The Spider's Web, in theaters everywhere November 9th.

This article is sponsored by Sony's The Girl In The Spider's Web.