Hannah Is So Relatable In The Last 'Girls' Trailer

by Allie Gemmill

As fans know, Hannah Horvath doesn't waste any time getting to the point: "I don't give a sh*t about anything, yet I simultaneously have opinions about everything." And it is with that iconic line that the Girls Season 6 trailer is thrust upon us, the eager masses. It quickly becomes evident that the Girls gang is back to their usual antics, but at the same time, it is so incredibly relatable (which is part of Girls' everlasting cachet). So what exactly are these HBO twenty-somethings up to in the show's sixith and final season, which premieres on Feb. 12, and what will make the corners of your mouth curl up into a smile?

Well, first things first: Hannah is on a new level of "Is she really doing this?" At once comfortable in her own skin yet still confronting her neuroses — her mental health, her weight, her personal relationships — that have long been hang-ups of hers on Girls, this Hannah feels like the penultimate version. She is preparing for lift-off into the adult-o-sphere but it's going to be a hella bumpy ride.

Besides smooth-talking her way into a new gig writing about surfing ("The surf piece is, like, all I ever wanted to do. I do feel like I need to warn you that..."), Hannah appears to be directly at odds with longtime bestie (and resident moral conundrum) Marnie. Marnie is still married to Desi but has Ray as a doting side-piece; this is not good for Hannah. She expresses her disgust with Marnie's antics to Elijah, who has officially become the fifth Girl. Yeah, I said it.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Adam are still in their manic love bubble. Shosh is questioning everything and remaining doubtful that she is still a functional adult woman. Same, girl. This trailer is leaving me with the feeling that the final season may be the most dramatic, it will also be so incredibly relatable.

While there will no doubt be drama galore for the hit HBO show in its final season, this trailer impresses upon us the fact that our girls are all grown up. We have to set them free, fictionally into adult land and into other projects in reality. So take a look at the final trailer and soak it all up, one last time.