Liza Koshy's New Line Of Necklaces Looks Good And Gives Back

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy The Giving Key

If you're sick of the typical influencer collab, this pairing will be a breath of fresh air. The Giving Keys collaborated with YouTuber Liza Koshy for a collection that looks great and gives back. Talk about a winning pair.

In case you're not familiar, The Giving Key takes repurposed keys and engraves them with a word of empowerment. The company encourages customers to wear the key until they embody that word, and then pass the necklace on to someone else who needs the message.

But the positive impact doesn't stop there. The Giving Keys is staffed by people transitioning out of homelessness, employing them in meaningful, stable work. Add to that a YouTuber who is unapologetically herself, and you get a match made in accessory heaven.

"Liza’s personality is authentic and passionate, just like The Giving Keys," The Giving Keys founder Caitlin Crosby tells Bustle. "Both Liza and The Giving Keys are using our platforms to create a ripple effect of positivity and inspiration throughout the world."

Koshy picked the words "laugh" and "trust" to be featured on four different necklace styles. Each one is meant to inspire the wearer, no matter where they are in the world.

"The Giving Key is an incredible company that has this amazing message behind it, that gives back to the community and provides jobs, education, and healthcare to the homeless people," Koshy tells Bustle. "It's a message that is bigger than the beautiful little product that you see and wear."

Courtesy The Giving Key

All six necklaces are available on The Giving Key website right now. You can also stock up in-stores at the brand's airstream in Downtown LA and at Nordstrom Topanga. Each necklace ranges from $42 and $45.

But like all good collabs, this will only be around for a limited amount of time.

Courtesy The Giving Key

Koshy says she chose two words that had deep meaning to her, but could resonate with her fans as well. She says both words — "trust" and "laughter" —represent things that people need more of in their lives.

"I chose the words 'laugh' and 'trust' because those are the two words that play a huge role in my life — you know, other than food," Koshy says. "My goal has always been to spread happiness and spread some light. Trust is also a big word for me because I have learned to really trust myself and trust my instincts. I have learned to trust who I am."

Courtesy The Giving Key

Koshy also teased that this collab might be the start of merch. Fans have been begging the YouTuber to create her own apparel and accessories, so this is just a taste of how good it could be.

"This collab is one that I have been really excited about," Koshy says. "I don’t have any merchandise or products of my own, and maybe that is to come ... but I was very excited to partner with a company that has an amazing message behind it."

Courtesy The Giving Key

Leave it to Koshy to bring a little happiness everywhere she goes. For her very first global fashion collaboration, she's certainly starting out with a bang.