GlamSpin Is The Fidget Spinner For Lip Balm Addicts

If you feel bombarded with fidget spinner news, here is one more to round things out for you: There is now a fidget spinner for lip balm addicts, called GlamSpin. It will combine your need for alleviating stress with your love for keeping your lips moisturized, all into one super gadget. The way it works is that it's a spinner with three different blades, and each blade houses a compact lip balm. The gadget itself is super cute, coming in a salmon pink base and accented with pops of pink, purple, and light yellow. That way it will be easy to find in the bottom of your bag or tucked away onto a cluttered desk.

The GlamSpin comes with three different gloss flavors, letting you mix it up throughout the day so you don't get bored with the same old chapstick. It comes with strawberry, grape, and peach, so it offers you your standard summer flavors and hues. The product might feel a little gimmicky right off the bat, but in reality it is quite handy as it combines two things that you probably already own: A fidget spinner and your daily lip balm. Rather than having both products separately roll around in your bag, you can conveniently have it in one. It's kind of like when you have two-in-one makeup. It just opens up more space and is handier to deal with.

According to Top Knot's Facebook video, who broke the news of this brand new beauty gadget, you can use the GlamSpin anywhere. You can apply it while walking on the street (and while you're trying to kick stress as you're walking back to work or school from your lunch break,) while drinking coffee, tanning, watching Netflix, or surfing the web. Basically, any time you need either product, they're there for you.

If you would love your own (or want to gift it to someone because why not,) you can get the beauty gadget online at It only retails for 10 dollars, so it won't break the bank by any means, and it has free shipping! Get yours today and you can gloss while you fidget.