There Was A 'Glee' Reunion On 'Drop The Mic' & The Insults Were Brutal

It has been almost a decade since Glee premiered on television, and yet it still doesn't feel like that long ago that we were watching high school outcasts sing show tunes and covers of pop songs every week. Glee ended in 2015, so it's safe to say that the mini Glee cast reunion on Drop the Mic was, for many fans, a long time coming.

On Wednesday, March 27, Glee alumni Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Becca Tobin, all appeared on Drop The Mic. The show is based off the Late Late Show With James Corden segment of the same name, in which two teams have a rap-battle against each other and then the crowd chooses the winner of who had the best burns. The two Glee teams consisted of Morris, McHale, and Ushkowitz on one side, and then Riley, Shum Jr., and Tobin on the other. And, yes, they came to play.

To say the Glee reunion rap battle was brutal would almost be an understatement. The disses each actor gave out was borderline mean, but all in good fun. McHale started off with a good one-liner, "Yo, I heard this was a battle between the stars of Glee, so please explain to me why I only see three." He followed up with a jab at Riley with, "You were on Dancing With The Stars, and that doesn't seem fair. 'Cause I danced better than you and I was in a wheelchair." (He did have many good moments in that chair, though.)

Shum Jr., who McHale had joked couldn't hit a note, also didn't hold back. He fired off with a diss to Morris: "You said you quit Hollywood, well that seems odd. 'Cause I'm pretty sure to quit, you need to first have a job." Ushkowitz shot back at him later, rapping, "You must be proud of our culture and its representation in the 15 seconds you were in Crazy Rich Asians."

There were disses about relevancy, talent, and Tobin's smarts (or lack thereof, according to Morris). Tobin took a moment of silence for "Jenna's TV career" and aimed this zinger at McHale: "You and Jimmy from Degrassi have a lot in common. But Drake only started there, where you stayed at the bottom."

Even though these insults were harsh, to say the least, it's clear that the Glee cast still loves each other. In fact, they've all been supporting each other's careers long after ending they stopped working together. McHale was recently a guest on Tobin's podcast that she co-hosts, LadyGang. And to lay any bad blood to rest, Shum Jr. posted a headshot from Drop The Mic with the caption, "Love my Glee folks. No egos, just good sports roasting and getting roasted." Usually, there doesn't need a disclaimer, but yeah those insults were harsh at times. All good sports, of course.

While it wasn't a full Glee cast reunion, it was still a nice treat for former (or even current) Gleeks everywhere. Who knows, maybe when they all got together, they had a little chat about a real reunion come May, which will mark the 10-year anniversary since the premiere. Don't stop believing on that one, Losers.