This Instagram Accounts Meshes 'Harry Potter' With High Fashion & It's So Magical

The last Harry Potter book might have been released in 2007, a whopping 11 years ago, but that doesn't mean we have moved on. Hogwarts is still very much a part of our everyday lives, and sometimes in surprising and inventive ways. Enter the Instagram account @Gryffindior, which reimagines iconic Harry Potter characters by dressing them in Dior's newest collections. The outcome is hilarious and very #fashun.

Imagine serious scenes out in the Forbidden Forest or Neville Longbottom clutching his wand and gearing up to fight, or Albus Dumbledore pausing right before saying something profound...and all the characters are wearing a haute couture Christian Dior label.

Think Professor McGonagall swapping out her robes for a patchwork velvet coat, matched with a metallic turtleneck sweater with chain-link accents, or Hermoine Granger standing in a Spring/Summer 2018 fringed yarn cardigan.

Rachel Bernstein is the genius behind the mash-up account, who is currently a senior art director at Moda Operandi. Being in the fashion industry for eight years and growing up being a Harry Potter fan, it's no surprise she brought the two worlds into one magical project.

Below are some of the best posts — who do you think would be the face of Dior?

Professor McGonagall In Couture F18

McGonagall is looking fashion-forward in her velvet patchwork coat, which she nabbed from the Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection. Originally appearing in all of its technicolor glory on a model wearing a ruffle-feather ball gown broken into a prism of colors, the Professor decided to style it a different way. Rather than going the kaleidoscope-of-color route, Minerva stayed true to her serious personality and instead layered it with a metallic turtleneck sweater.

Hermoine Granger in Ready-To-Wear

Hermoine looks like she's about to launch into a lecture (probably telling off Harry for being reckless, no doubt) but she traded in her usual Muggle zip-up for Maria Grazia Chiuri knit sweater. Hot off her 2018 Ready-to-Wear Collection that was inspired by the Swinging Sixties and the likes of Babarella and the Space Age movement, Hermoine is wearing a stringy yarn sweater coat offset by a collared top and choker.

Luna Lovegood In F/W 16

Luna Lovegood is expressing her quirky and eccentric personality with classic Dior patterns. Wearing Christian Dior Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear, the original collection had a girlish aspect to it, marching models down with silver and black low Mary Janes and coats with deep flounces in the hem.

This particular outfit is actually a skirt suit with a vintage floral design, one where the jacket has a peplum-like flounce and is offset with a hot pink collared shirt. You also have to love the tarantula-like ring and the dizzying sunnies, which are all details right up Luna's alley.

Dean Thomas In Dior Homme S/S 17

Dean Thomas is in the front of Dumbledore's Army dressed up in Dior Homme's Ready-to-Wear S/S 17. That particular collection was inspired by the Punk and New Wave scene in Antwerp, Belgium, and was contrasted with sports elements. What better look to wear into battle than one taken off a runway full of bomber jackets, bondage harnesses over suit jackets, and filled with metal accents?

Skipping his robes and instead putting on a mesh shirt with overlapping net textures, he's easily the most couture one in the bunch.

Dumbledore In F/W 17

Inspired by a street style shot of Rihanna outside the Dior F/W 17 show, Bernstein decided to dress Dumbledore in the same look. Rocking a leather beret and dark-tinted glasses, it's hard to decide who wore it better.

The F/W 17 show itself had a blue-themed air about it, where models marched down the catwalk in stiff denim, velvet mini dresses, and slouchy blue and black plaid coats, all the while wearing black leather berets. Maybe Dumbledore isn't wearing the midnight blue sheer dresses popular in the collection, but he has the leather down-pat.

Gryffindior is a relatively new account, and only started up this January, but it already has a bevvy of fun posts and a growing following. Here's to hoping this account continues to grow, because once you get a taste of Hogwarts in haute couture, it's hard to go back.