A Lot Of People Dressed Up As "Hurricane Melania" This Year


Donald Trump was a major source of costume inspiration last Halloween, but images of the first lady sparked a variety of ideas this Hallow's Eve. From Hurricane FLOTUS, to her inauguration look, to impressions of her blank stare, Melania Trump Halloween costumes were hot this year. The simple fact that first ladies are constantly photographed and filmed makes recreating any of their iconic looks that much simpler.

Other members of the Trump family were turned into costumes, as well. Jon Favreau, a former Obama speechwriter, went as the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in handcuffs. His wife filled the role of Ivanka, handcuffed to her husband. A blonde woman wore a professional dress and Trump sticker in order to be Tiffany Trump. And of course, countless others also dressed up as the president himself, both satirical and not. Women even dressed up as a "sexy Trump," complete with a "Make American Great Again" hat, orange face makeup, and a short skirt.

But, when it came to Melania costumes, there were a few consistent themes. Some people went with a chic outfit and bold jewelry, but one of the most popular FLOTUS Halloween outfits was clearly some iteration of "Hurricane Melania," whether in her stilettos and green bomber jacket, or with her famous FLOTUS hat, a white button-up shirt with a popped collar, and sunglasses.

Hurricane Melania Greeting FLOTUS Herself

Mimicking the outfit the first lady wore when traveling to Houston following Hurricane Harvey in August didn't require too many purchases. If you already owned a white button-up shirt and aviator sunglasses, you really only needed a baseball cap that says "FLOTUS." The real key to perfecting the costume though, was rolling up the sleeves and popping the collar, just like Melania did that day.

Funnily enough, a young girl who went to the White House for its Halloween celebration dressed up as Melania — complete with hat and ponytail.

Hurricane Melania At CNN

CNN producer Mallory Hughes put on a FLOTUS hat and made a guest appearance.

Hurricane Melania With Stilettos

What a year for Halloween costume ideas from this administration.

"Nothing Scarier"

This outfit was simple enough that many got it down to a T.

Hurricane Melania With, Uh, Paper Towels

The paper towel prop was clearly a reference to President Trump launching paper towels into the crowd at Puerto Rico. Trump's stunt, which he did while visiting the island amid the massive humanitarian crisis, was caught on video — and many were livid about it.

Weeks before Halloween, there was plenty of chatter on Twitter about dressing up as Melania's body double for Halloween, too. A video of the first lady in a coat and sunglasses sparked intense discussion about whether she was using a body double. It was during a press conference about Puerto Rico relief efforts, and though the president was talking to the press, many focused on how Melania, her face obscured by her sunglasses, looked a tad different than she usually does.

As for the real Trumps, they celebrated Halloween at the White House on Monday, handing out treats to kids decked out in costume — including that one of "Hurricane FLOTUS" herself.

Unfortunately, no photos of the president or first lady in costume have surfaced. Melania wore a camel coat buttoned all the way up and the president wore a suit that wasn't out of the ordinary. Education secretary Betsy DeVos showed up as Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, which sparked some backlash considering DeVos' lack of experience in the education field, as well as her preference for charter schools over traditional public schools.

Though POTUS and FLOTUS didn't wear any costumes, "Hurricane Melania" certainly proved to be many people's costume of choice this year.