This Couple Adopts A New Dog With Every Anniversary

If you have a unique or interesting traditions to celebrate a milestone, this couple's wedding anniversary tradition might just pique your interest. When Twitter user Odalis posted about her sister and brother-in-law's interesting tradition, social media did what it does best: offer encouragement, heart-eyed emojis, and RT's to get someone else inspired. But what about this tradition made it go viral? Dogs. Each year, Odalis' sister and brother-in-law adopt a new pup to celebrate their marriage. Yes, I'm here to confirm that this is a real thing.

According to Odalis, they are celebrating their third year — and yes, that means they've acquired their third four-legged member of the family. Now, I know what you're thinking — some combination of What? and How? And no, none of us know if they're looking into purchasing a new home, or how fast they'll outgrow this one. What I do know is that this takes the cake for most unique tradition. Ever.

As you can imagine, the reactions were a mixed bunch. For dog lovers, this was a grand idea, and for some, not so much. With 20,000 "likes" and a bustling comment thread, there's nothing quite like dog lovers on social media.

As you can see many of them were overjoyed, and even decided to find long lost family members.

Some tried to project into the future and make light of how the family will acquire more dogs with time.

And some just couldn't handle how cute it was!

Of course, if you're thinking, "WTH, How are they going to take care of all of those dogs?" You aren't the only one trying to think of ways to adult successfully let alone take care of another thing.

Can you blame these left-brain thinkers? The struggle is real.

I mean, they asked some pretty valid questions and made solid points.

Past five years, what happens next? Do you start a dog atrium?

Nonetheless, people were inspired to try this out for birthdays, anniversaries, and other grand occasions.

And of course, people began tagging all of their friends/lovers about relationship #goals or insisting their partner get with the program. Oh, Twitter!

So maybe this isn't the perfect idea for how you and your love should celebrate. But it's a pretty cute one! No matter how you choose to commemorate it, commit to a wacky, weird tradition unique to your relationship and use this random viral tweet as a healthy dose of inspo!