The 'It's Bruno!' Dog’s Instagram Is Just As Cute As His New Netflix Show

Screenshot via YouTube

Netflix's It's Bruno! follows Malcolm (played by series creator Solvan "Slick" Naim) and his rescue dog as they wander around Bushwick, Brooklyn. The two are clearly inseparable, and Malcolm gets upset whenever anyone touches his dog, calls him the wrong name, or doesn't let him bring Bruno into a store. But luckily, thanks to the It's Bruno! dog's Instagram, you can appreciate him from afar all you want.

As Naim told Variety, Bruno is played by his own rescue dog — also named Bruno, of course. "I always knew there was something very interesting and charismatic about [my] dog," Naim explained. "Bruno always has these facial expressions and a demeanor about him that's hilarious. He's just a loving dog and he always wants to show you attention. He's never angry or mad. We can all learn a little something from him."

Indeed, if the show's trailer is any indication, Bruno brings people together — often much to Malcolm's chagrin, as mere strangers will approach him and start petting his dog without asking permission (a no-no in New York). However, Bruno also helps to attract a beautiful woman named Lulu (GLOW's Shakira Barrera), who is apparently riveted by the dog's "daily routine." As for Bruno's real-life routine, that is fairly well-documented on his Instagram, which doubles as PR for his owner's Netflix series. Here are some of the cutest posts.

He's a Rescue

As Bruno (read: Naim) laid out in a post for National Pet Parents Day, the puggle was rescued from a shelter.

Bruno Knows the Perils of Chocolate

It's unclear whether Bruno has ingested chocolate in the past or is simply wise beyond his years, but in this post, the puggle warns his fellow pooches to be careful around the dessert — "no matter how delicious humans say" it is.

He's A Good Flyer

Presumably in order to pitch It's Bruno! to Netflix, Naim and his furry friend had to board a plane. But Bruno seemed unfazed, staring curiously out the window at their aircraft.

He's Visited The Golden State

While the two future stars were in California, they headed to the beach and soaked in some rays.

He's A Very Professional Businessdog

Bruno was able to sit in on Naim's meeting with Netflix, and looked all-business in his very own chair.

He's A Very Good Acting Boy

While some dogs might be camera-shy, Bruno seems to have taken a shining to it, as he's smiling happily at the cinematographer in this photo. In fact, he was Naim's inspiration for the series in the first place. As he told Complex, "[O]ne day I was working on something else.... I took a little break and I looked to my left and I had my dog. I have three dogs, they're all starring in the show, but Bruno is the lead obviously. I looked at Bruno's face and he just started cracking me up."

He Loves His Co-Stars

Although Shakira Barrera's on-screen character, Lulu, might love dogs a little too much, it seems like there were nothing but good vibes behind-the-scenes.

He's Obsessed With The Mailperson

Just like any good guard dog, Bruno loves to sit and wait for the mailperson. As he warns his fellow dogs, "Do not trust this person, their shorts or their bag of papers. Bark as soon as you see them to ward them off. You may have to do this every day, but it's the only way to protect your humans."

He's Great At Taking Direction

Since Naim is the creator, director, and co-star, he often had to give his pet some notes (and treats).

He's Comfortable Sharing The Spotlight

Bruno took this opportunity to introduce followers to his two best friends, Bella and Angie, who will also appear in It's Bruno.

It Took Him 17 Takes To Nail His "Monologue"

As Bruno explained after the fact, "After seventeen takes, I finally nailed my monologue. To the untrained eye, it may look like just a bark, but after watching the playback, it's almost Shakespearean." Sounds like it was worth all of those takes.

He's Great At Relaxing

After a long day of filming, what else can a puggle do but take a load off? He put in a lot of hard work, and he certainly deserves some R&R.

Fans won't have to wait long to see this talented puggle in action: It's Bruno hits Netflix on Friday, May 17. And if Bruno is half as cute onscreen as he is on Instagram, it's bound to be an adorable series filled with hijinks from Bushwick's most inseparable duo.