The Jonas Brothers Documentary Trailer Reveals Just How Emotional The Breakup Was For The Band

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers' Amazon Prime documentary is out next month, and the official trailer is finally here. Chasing Happiness will chronicle the band's breakup, as well as their recent reunion. The Jonas Brothers documentary trailer shows how much thought and emotion went into the band's breakup, and how things between them changed when they got back together.

As the trio explains in the trailer, the Jonas Brothers' 2013 breakup was all Nick's idea. "Nick says, 'The Jonas Brothers should be no more,'" Kevin said to the cameras in the trailer. "What hurt the most is that it came from Nick," Joe added. "He is my best friend." Nick, meanwhile, said, "There were moments I thought they'd never speak to me again," after he suggested the band dissolve.

Fast forward six years, though, and the Jonas Brothers are back with catchy new singles and an upcoming tour. Whatever hurt feelings there were in the past, the trio seem closer than ever.

"I think that the brothers had to grow apart to be able to get perspective," manager Phil McIntyre said in the trailer. His words are overlaid with footage of Kevin with his kids, Nick's wedding to Priyanka Chopra, and Joe with Sophie Turner.

"I found that success isn't always tied to fame and fortune," Nick added in the clip. "I really want to have a second chance with them." The trailer also shows the three of them spending time together and traveling before transitioning into the band's reunion.

"It wasn't about the money. It wasn't about the fame," Kevin added about the Jonas Brothers getting back together. "It was, 'Hey brothers, you wanna do something awesome again together?'"

It's not a coincidence that the documentary, which will be out on June 4, is called Chasing Happiness and the band's forthcoming album is called Happiness Begins. The trio seem to be on the same page about their new music and this new stage in their lives overall.

In a Billboard interview published last month, the three brothers explained that their music is coming from a healthier mindset now, and they're all getting along better than ever. "It feels like the second bite of the apple is potentially going to be even bigger, because we're in a healthy place, we're enjoying the ride," Nick told Billboard. "And I think the music is a reflection of that."

Joe also told Billboard that he "was crying like a baby" after seeing the Chasing Happiness teaser trailer for the first time. Whatever issues led to the band's breakup six years ago, it looks like they're far in the past at this point.

These days, a lot of things have changed for the trio in their personal lives — they're all married, for starters. And they've come a lot way from their Disney Channel days. But despite everything that's different about the band members, they're still the Jonas Brothers. And it sounds like the three of them really are still each other's best friends.