The Jonas Brothers Responded To Halsey's Cover Of "Sucker" With A Nod To Their Childhood Roots

by Marenah Dobin
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who isn't singing along to "Sucker" right now? Jonas Brothers are back together and their comeback is off to a very strong start. On June 6, Halsey covered "Sucker" and the Jonas Brothers responded by saluting their shared childhood roots. Of course, there are a lot of fans singing along to the song and recording covers, but Halsey really killed it.

E! News confirmed that Halsey performed "Sucker" during a June 6 appearance on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. The band tweeted a video reaction to the performance on June 6 with Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas all talking at the same time. In the video itself, the brothers exclaimed, "Oh my god! Halsey! It was amazing. Thank you so much for covering "Sucker." It sounded incredible. Incredible!"

In the caption, the Jonas Brothers wrote, "HALSEYYY!! That #Sucker cover on @BBCR1 was so sick We love you!! @halsey #LiveLounge."

They were definitely right about that. Halsey made the song her own with some great vocals and a slowed down beat.

Maybe Halsey should make a cameo appearance during the Happiness Begins Tour. Just imagine Halsey up on stage singing with "Sucker" along with Nick, Joe, and Kevin. They could even cover one of her songs right after.

Nick took to his personal Twitter account to send another compliment Halsey's way because, well, it was an "incredible" performance.

Before recording the video on behalf of all three brothers, Joe also posted a message about Halsey from his individual account because the performance was "so amazing."

Later, Nick posted a video of Halsey's performance along with some much-deserved flame emojis. Joe did the same and described Halsey's version of the song as "so cool."

BBC 1 Radio quoted the group's tweet and added, "100%, 3/3 @jonasbrothers approved." Then Halsey quoted that tweet with an understandably excited response.

And of course, she had to tweet the Jonas Brothers themselves with some love.

This led to Nick's shout out dedicated to their shared New Jersey roots. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are originally from Wyckoff, New Jersey. Then, the family moved about a half hour away to Little Falls, New Jersey. Halsey is from Edison, New Jersey.

And just for good measure, Halsey linked out to the performance since it is now "Jonas Brothers approved."

The Jonas Brothers weren't the only people who enjoyed Halsey's performance though. Plenty of fans shared their love for her rendition of the song.

One Twitter didn't want to like the cover, but after giving it a chance, they couldn't help changing their mind.

Another Twitter user encouraged everyone to check it out.

A different fan of the artists couldn't get over the Jonas Brothers love for Halsey's version of "Sucker."

One Twitter user wondered why the song was so good and even declared that Halsey's is better than the original version.

Pretty much everyone is excited about the Jonas Brothers comeback, even Halsey. Now, 2019 is even better since we can add Halsey to the narrative thanks to her take on the catchy song.