The Jonas Brothers Turned Their Reunion Into The Perfect ‘Friends’ Tribute

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube

The reunion of our beloved Jonas Brothers has made headlines for multiple reasons. The band's comeback single "Sucker" is a certified jam and all about Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas' significant others — Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, respectively — who are featured in the steamy video. But most of all, the Jonas Brothers' reunion has us reminiscing about the mid-'00s Disney Channel era, in a way that's eerily similar to the Friends nostalgia. Apparently, the trio agrees. And, in a very clever move, the Jonas Brothers created a tribute to Friends from their "Sucker" music video that's much more fitting than anyone could have imagined.

The band posted the new video on Instagram Sunday, March 3, brilliantly titling the imaginative tribute "The One Where The Band Gets Back Together," a nod to the format that Friends used to name their episodes. In the clip, scenes from the vivid "Sucker" music video were edited along to the tune of Friends' iconic theme song, "I'll Be There For You", giving fans a peek at a TV show we wish was actually on Netflix.

The Jonas Brothers-Friends mashup is extremely detailed, even giving Kevin, Joe, Nick, Danielle, Sophie, and Priyanka all get their own title cards. It also highlights the cast's most memorable looks from the video, and uses the same colorful polka-dot font as the beloved sitcom.

To cap it all off in the most adorable way possible, the ending shot is a title card for the brothers' parents, Kevin Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas, giving them credit for creating the new "sitcom". The only thing missing is a shout out to the Bonus Jonas himself, their little brother Frankie Jonas. Then again, who knows — he could have directed the entire shindig or running the show behind the camera as an executive producer.

As expected, fans reacted with both shock and elation at the JoBros paying homage to the '90s classic sitcom, a move that certainly wasn't expected given that the band has no known relation to the show. "Jonas Brothers and Friends? My favorite two things in the world? It's a dream," fan @poeticsxdua tweeted. "I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO," Instagram user @lyanagrey commented. "AND THE CAPTION MAKES IT 10 TIMES BETTER."

The reaction from the Jonas Brothers' younger fanbase only serves to prove the reach that Friends has gained since the show ended in 2004. Thanks to the accessibility of Netflix (and constant re-runs on our old-fashioned TV screens), Friends has been able to touch the hearts of generations beyond, including, it seems, those who grew up with the likes of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers' own self-titled show on the Disney Channel. Truly, there's not a far stretch between the two eras of fun-loving sitcoms, and the JoBros' tribute proves just how intertwined the present and past are.

Now, if only they could recreate the infamous "PIVOT!" scene in their next music video, that would truly make the Jonas Brothers-Friends connection come alive.