The 'KUWTK' Holiday Special Was Just As Hilarious As You'd Expect

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to the holidays, the Kardashian family doesn't mess around — that's a fact all fans already know about from their annual Christmas card. But on Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians holiday special, it became even more obvious that the most wonderful time of the year is something they take very seriously. And since this family is competitive in almost every other area in their lives, it's not surprising at all that would apply to the way they celebrate the holiday season, too.

From the food to the decor to the parties, everything became a contest... and yes, there was plenty of smack talk involved. It started when Kim got testy about Kourtney copying the method of which Kim hung her Christmas lights. It makes sense that Kim would want to be original, but Kourtney had a point — you can't copyright hanging a strand of lights down straight. You just can't. That didn't stop them from fighting about it anyway, including Kourtney threatening to do the same thing again this year, just to piss her off. Anyone who has a sister (or a sibling in general, really) knows this level of teasing all too well.

By the way, that Christmas store that Kim, Kourtney, and Kris visited? Yeah, it definitely looks like heaven would to anyone obsessed with the holiday season, so it's no wonder they've made that shopping trip a yearly tradition... even if all they do is argue when they're there.

And it wasn't just the decorations that made this family argue around the holidays. Because this is KUWTK, there was obviously a bake-off, too. Khloé was convinced that everyone's favorite holiday foods were better made from scratch, but Kris thought it was better to make things with a mix, straight out of the box, like her brownies and her famous lemon cake (which wasn't even her recipe at all). In the end, it was kind of a wash. It's not like their judges were 100 percent impartial... and they did have a professional chef on hand to help them out, which seems just a little bit like cheating.

They did take a break from all the holiday prep to take the kids to the LA food bank, just to help out people less fortunate with big bags of food to take home. The kids had a blast, and it was a really sweet moment they got to share, despite all the craziness involved.

P.S. Moment of appreciation for Kris' sweet, adorable MJ, who made an appearance for the holidays. Who doesn't love that lady?

The competition got the most real when it came to Kim and Kris' Christmas parties. Kris is known for her legendary Christmas Eve shindigs, including using the same Santa Claus she's used for 30 years. But Kim had her convinced that she was going to outdo her, and booked that Santa up. Kris' response? Obviously, to have an ice skating rink installed in her backyard, complete with ice skating legend Nancy Kerrigan out there, skating with everyone else — only to find out that Kim was lying about the fancy party she was throwing just to get Kris all riled up. Oh, and since Kris thought her usual Santa had been booked, this year's was Jonathan Cheban, wearing prosthetic makeup on his face and everything. He had everyone fooled for awhile there, but by the end of the party, everyone was in tears laughing at him.

The KUWTK holiday special definitely left fans wishing that they had been invited to all of these get togethers, but for now, just watching them on TV will have to suffice. Now, all we have to do is bide our time and wait for the 2017 Christmas card to hit the internet. You know with all those adorable kids it's definitely going to be worth the wait.