The New 'Beaches' Song Is A Perfect Fit

by Andrea Towers

If you're anything like me, you spent most of your childhood sobbing through Beaches, the 1988 movie starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. It was pretty much the movie about best friends to watch during slumber parties or, as you got older, nights in with friends, because the emotional message resonates with all ages. Now a new generation will be introduced to the story of CC and Hillary, thanks to Lifetime's reboot of the film. And though many elements of the story stay the same, there's a new song in Lifetime's Beaches, "Last Time," that still fits the movie's themes perfectly.

Lifetime's remake of the film premieres on Saturday, Jan. 21, starring Idina Menzel and Nia Long. Menzel is not just a household name from Frozen, she's also a Broadway star — she was in the original cast of RENT as Maureen (a role she reprised for the 2005 feature film) and originated the role of Elphaba in Wicked. Obviously, having Menzel attached means taking advantage of her amazing voice for an updated version of "Wind Beneath My Wings," as well as "Last Time, which is already available on iTunes and Spotify and has the potential to be another classic.

The new song reflects on the love, loss, and life between the two friends in a deeply emotional way. Just by looking at the lyrics, you can get a sense of how strongly this song fits into the movie and how it relates to many of the things that both characters go through.

I'm sorry if I wasn't there
Or acted like I didn't care
You were always there for me
Seeing what I couldn't see
I am sorry if you felt alone
I should've called, I should've known
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To get just one more day with you

The movie starts in the present day, with CC (Menzel) driving to see Hillary (Long) after getting an important message. Although Hillary and CC meet as children and have a strong friendship that they continue to grow throughout the years, they're pulled apart by things that pretty much all relationships go through. They grow up, they have different priorities, and they move away from each other both literally and figuratively. But they never forget what they mean to each other and how important their friendship is, and these lyrics are the perfect representation of that.

So don't let the last time I hurt you
Be the last time I heard you
Don't let the last time I held you
Be the last time I felt you
Wouldn't let you get away
If I had another day
Don't let the last time I saw you
Be the last time
Be the last time

It hurts to see CC and Hillary at odds throughout most of the movie, because we know how much they love each other. One of the most emotional moments in the original movie comes when the two friends fight over the fact that CC is a self-centered star and Hillary has given up her dreams. It causes a huge rift between the women that evolves into painful regret for both of them. These lyrics may at first seem to only relate to C.C., they could apply to Hillary just as easily.

I'm sorry if I got too loud
Or if I didn't make you proud
You always gave me what you could
When I was wrong you understood
Sorry if I made you mad
If I could I'd take it back
You're not where I thought you'd be
But you'll always be a part of me

This really tugs at my heartstrings. Best friendship works both ways. Even though sometimes Hillary and CC didn't see eye to eye, they always had each other's interests at heart, whether it was checking in to see how the other one was doing or being there for an important life moment. Sometimes, being best friends means accepting that you're not the person you thought you were going to be all those years ago. But it doesn't change how important you are in the relationship. Life is too darn short for being angry at someone you love.

While it's understandable to be a little wary about remakes of beloved films, there's reason to actually be excited about this one. The promos, trailers, and "Last Time" have proven that fans are bound to cry just as much as we did while watching the original, which means the emotional pull of Beaches is still there after all these years.