This New 'GoT' Season 7 Photo Is Intriguing

by Allie Gemmill
Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

A few weeks before the season premiere, two new photos from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones have been released. Interestingly, one of these new GoT Season 7 photos shows Sansa looking wary of Littlefinger, who fans have been led to believe is her newest ally. Is there discord brewing between these uneasy allies? It certainly seems that way.

The photo was released through the Making of Game of Thrones blog on HBO on Monday afternoon. While only the photo of Sansa and Littlefinger and a photo of Daenerys facing the Dragonstone throne were released, both photos are very interesting because they manage to convey so much without saying anything at all. Both photos also act as indicators about the newfound positions of power Sansa and Daenerys find themselves in at the start of Season 7.

While Sansa and Littlefinger have been on the same team (more or less) for the past few seasons, it looks like a rift is brewing hard between them — and Littlefinger may not even know it yet. In the photo, Sansa is giving Littlefinger a look while he's facing away from her that makes it appear as if she is questioning his intentions or second-guessing what he's just said to her; for what it's worth, Littlefinger looks super pleased about whatever has happened immediately before this photo.

In the latest GoT Season 7 trailers, we hear in Sansa's voiceover that when winter arrives, the weakest link in a pack is always the first to go while the rest survive. It would have been easy to believe she was referring to her older adopted brother, Jon Snow, because the camera was focused on him as we heard her voiceover. Additionally, at the end of Season 6, there was an implication in some final scenes that Sansa would be working against Jon, presumably to gain power with the help of Littlefinger. However, this photo shows that Sansa may not be as eager an ally to Littlefinger as we previously thought. That uneasy side-eye is very indicative of that.

All of that may be happening in one photo, but how about the second newly-released photo which shows Daenerys looking upon what's left of her throne? We know that Daenerys is returning to Westeros is Season 7 to reclaim what is hers (her father was once king), so this photo of a young woman who has returned from exile, looking upon her inheritance is equally foreboding and poignant.

These may just be two new morsels of GoT Season 7 goodness, but they're incredibly telling of the things to come. It looks like two of the most prominent women in Westeros are really ready to seize the power they believe they are owed. Buckle up; things are going to get intense.