'Life's Ending Shocked Even The Movie's Stars

Columbia Pictures

When a movie's plot revolves around an alien life-form exponentially growing in size and threatening all of humanity, you can bet that the film's ending will be intense. And that's the case for the sci-fi thriller Life, which features an ending that's not only huge in scope, but comes as a genuine shock — both to audiences and the movie's stars.

"I literally went hell, yes," star Rebecca Ferguson recalls about her first time learning what the film's ending would be. "Anything that is out of the norm for what you would think of an obvious film ending is welcome... it's exciting for the audience, and also to make, to think I know what’s coming — you don’t."

That's for sure. Spoilers ahead! When Life nears its conclusion, audiences assume that Ferguson's character, Dr. Miranda North, will be the one who ends up safe and sound back on Earth, while her fellow astronaut, Dr. David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), will sacrifice himself to deep space in order to get the life-form as far away from humankind as possible.

But in a horrible mistake, Miranda accidentally gets thrown into deep space while David ends up back on Earth alongside the very alive creature. As people attempt to rescue David from his spaceship, he begs them to not let him out, as it will cause the creature to be released into the world, but they appear not to hear his screams.

It's a terrifying twist, and a fitting end to a heart-pounding movie. If Life ever gets a sequel, it'll certainly be a must-see, considering that the fate of the entire (fictional) world will be at stake.