The Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls Kickstarter Ends On This Date, So Back The Project While You Can


The Internet freaked out when the Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls collab was first announced, and for good reason! It’s not everyday that your fave ‘90s brand teams up with a makeup company to create bold, colorful and unicorn-inspired goodness that you can wear on your face, after all. When does the Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls Kickstarter end? There’s still time to back this project!

When you spend $5 or more to support the makeup mash-up of your dreams, you’ll be able to receive products from the collection before they’re ever available to shop online. According to the Kickstarter page, the estimated ship date is Sept. 2017, so if you want to ensure you’ll have some Lisa Frank goodness in your adult life by fall, you need to go ahead and shell out a few bucks to the campaign.

They’ve already met their goal, so there’s no stopping this magic from being made, but, like I said, supporting the collaboration on the fund-raising platform is the only way to ensure you’ll have these goodies as early as September 2017. The founder of Glamour Dolls Jessica Romano confirmed to Bustle that the Kickstarter will end on Apr. 2, so make sure you’ve pledged to support the partnership by then if you want to see more products.

The first item to be revealed was a brush that's perfect for applying contour color, blush and more. It's available for pre-sale on the Glamour Dolls site now, but you'll have access to so much more when you back the collab on Kickstarter.

For example, when you pledge $60, you'll gain access to the perfect Lisa Frank-inspired mani.

Glamour Dolls Makeup on YouTube

And that's just the beginning of what this glam team has in store. So, if you don't already have their campaign open in a new tab, you better get on that, stat!

Once these products are in your life, all of your childhood dreams will have come true.

Courtesy Lisa Frank

Angled Blush Brush, $4.99, Glamour Dolls

You can also go ahead and pre-order this angled brush. It's expected to ship out in April/May, according to the website.

The sooner your makeup collection looks like this, the better. So, you know what to do! Head over to their Kickstarter page now.