The 'Love Island' U.S. Winners Are Proof Finding Love On The Show Is Possible

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

After a season filled with make ups, break ups, and dozens of tempting new arrivals, it only makes sense that Zac and Elizabeth won Love Island U.S. They're the only couple who were with each other from day one, and it goes to show love is actually possible on the series. The O.G. sweethearts pretty much sealed their fate on day one.

The other three final couples in Wednesday's episode were Weston and Emily, Ray and Caro, and runners-up Dylan and Alexandra. Each couple had a different journey and a different type of relationship. However, to borrow one of Weston's favorite phrases, "at the end of the day" America chose Zac and Elizabeth.

It was a fitting end to a season that's mostly been about love, not competition. The show is supposed to part strategy, part dating show, but most of the contestants seemed focused on genuinely finding connections. And when at the end, Elizabeth was given the option to split the prize money with Zac or take it all for herself, she couldn't even pretend she had to give it a second thought. "I know this is supposed to be a hard decision," she said, "but obviously I want to share it."

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Zac and Elizabeth have been so close, it's almost too obvious that they won... but you know what? Who cares! It just proves that the villa can produce as many real feelings as it can drama. They were the first couple to really look and feel like a couple. They were the first to become boyfriend and girlfriend. They were the first (and only) couple to say "I love you." They deserve to win!

So much for that one person on Twitter who said that their relationship was boring — Zac and Elizabeth's adorable romance is anything but. Even if you preferred the "arc" that Caro and Alex had with Ray and Dylan, respectively, or the "obstacles" that Weston and Emily had to overcome, it's hard to be mad about Zac and Elizabeth winning when they're the villa's longest standing couple.

We have no choice but to stan a healthy relationship!

That being said, Zac and Elizabeth have set the bar pretty high for Love Island Season 2, which is set to premiere next summer. When the next batch of islanders arrive at the villa, they may feel pressured to couple up with the right person from the very start just like these two lovebirds.

Rest assured, though, this is not always how the Love Island finale goes down. The original UK series has had winners with all kinds of journeys and all kinds of outcomes. You never know what's going to happen. Just because Zac and Elizabeth totally crushed Love Island Season 1 does not mean that the next winners will be anything like them. So go forth and celebrate their love and how easily it all played out on the inaugural season of Love Island U.S., because there may not be another couple quite like them again.