You Need To Watch To 'SNL's Anthem About Missing Barack Obama

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

In 2017, Donald Trump became president and ushered in a new era in the United States. Now that it's been a year since he was elected in 2016, some people are finding themselves nostalgic for years — and presidents — past. On Nov. 18, Saturday Night Live gave us the perfect anthem for that feeling. The lyrics to SNL's "Come Back Barack" song will make you miss the era of former President Barack Obama. The '90s-inspired R&B ballad was performed by host Chance The Rapper, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd in a similarly '90s-inspired R&B music video filled with candles, wearing sunglasses indoors, and brooding in the rain — all while missing Obama.

The song begins with lyrics that sound like a usual "missing you"-type song from the '90s. "This time of year, I get thankful / thankful for you," they sing. "I see you moving on." Soon, it becomes apparent that Chance, Thompson, and Redd aren't talking about their lover, but the former president. The trio sang:

Every night
I turn the TV on and cry
I say why
I feel like we're all going to die
Come back Barack
I need you in my life
So come back Barack
We didn't know just what we had
Like really bad
Like World War bad
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

The song also suggested — and hoped — that former First Lady Michelle Obama would run for president in 2020. The lyrics also reference the photos of Obama and his family looking happy while on vacation, hang-gliding, and dropping off his daughter at college.

As a refresher, here is that happy Obama hang-gliding photos the group sang about.

So happy, right? So happy it's almost painful. Like seeing an ex's extravagant vacation photos with their new significant other in an exotic locale while you're sitting home on a Saturday night, alone, and eating cookies. Alone.

But while our ex...president seems to be doing so well, the trio sang longingly about missing him.

The change I want is you
I'm in hell
Dreaming about you and Michelle

During Thompson's spoken-word bridge (a total '90s staple), he bemoans the U.S. Constitution's 22nd Amendment, which limits presidents to only serving two terms in the White House.

Why would you leave us
Becasue you had to
Because of the Constitution

Thompson then made a passing reference to Trump, realizing that the 22nd Amendment still stands.

I guess we stuck with this dude for awhile
You enjoy your retirement, homie
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

But even looking to the future seemed bleak for Chance, Redd, and Thompson, realizing that no 2020 candidate could possibly come close to being Obama right now. He was truly a one-of-a-kind president.

2020 is looking sad
Like super sad
Come back Barack

Again, the group hopes for a run for Michelle Obama, or even Obama's former vice president, Joe Biden. However, the trio realized that those two possibilities may actually come to fruition — and they may need to let go and leave the Obama years behind, because politics is a bit more complicated than just going back to the good times.

I don't think the three of us have the firmest grasp on government
But Happy Thanksgiving, everybody

Sure, there are many of us — myself included — who miss the good ol' days. Remember Bo Obama? Remember that time Obama wore a tan suit? Remember when the government faced a shutdown? Remember the Tea Party? Remember Mitt Romney? It seems like such an innocent time, compared to what has been going on in 2017.

"Come Back Barack" is the perfect anthem if you miss the Obama years and want to express it in a '90s-inspired R&B ballad.