The Man Who Died In Trump Tower Hasn’t Been Acknowledged By The President & Twitter Is Madder Than Ever

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Despite tweets from President Trump remarking how "well-built" Trump Tower is, the fire on Fifth Avenue on Saturday night resulted in one fatality. The man who died in Trump Tower was Todd Brassner, a 67-year-old resident of the building, who was in his 50th-floor apartment at the time of the fire. The president's decision to praise his building but not acknowledge the man's death has Twitter aghast.

In addition to Brassner's death, six firefighters were injured while fighting the blaze. Their injuries are not life-threatening, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said at a news conference. He also gave credence to Trump's claims about the quality of the building. "It’s a well-built building,” Nigro said. “The building sure stood up quite well.” He also acknowledged, though, that the upper floors do not have fire sprinklers.

Twitter users were quick to point out that Trump was actually one of several New York real estate developers who actively opposed a city law that would have required sprinklers on residential floors.

Others criticized that residents weren't warned about the fire. Reports say that residents were not instructed to evacuate, and that some called the front desk only to find there to be no response. One man told The New York Times that he only left thanks to Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who has been in the news for organizing the non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels.

Dennis Shields, a resident and childhood friend of Cohen, received a text message. “He said, ‘Are you in the building?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out ASAP.’ That’s how I knew to get out, otherwise I’d still be in there," Cohen told The Times.

Brassner, the man killed, is known for having been a good friend of Andy Warhol, ABC News reported. Twitter users focused on how the president didn't choose to mention that, or anything about him.

1) A Rundown On What Trump Left Out

juddlegum on Twitter

The key thing is the death of a resident.

2) Other Key Details From Survivors

sarahkendzior on Twitter

Residents found out about the fire on television, texts from friends, etc.

3) "Killed A Man On Fifth Avenue"

mrfilmkritik on Twitter

Trump said during the presidential campaign that he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and his voters wouldn't care. "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose voters," Trump said in Iowa in 2016. Some people referenced that.

4) Priorities

lizzwinstead on Twitter

The vast majority noted he cared more about the building than the deceased.

5) A Comment On Regulations

milestogo13 on Twitter

Trump has been getting rid of them at the federal level since taking office.

6) Trump Supporters Had Their Own Take

dbongino on Twitter

That liberals and those on the left were "celebrating" the fire, as opposed to criticizing the president.

7) A Few Even Criticized Both

walshfreedom on Twitter

Joe Walsh criticized both Trump and his opponents.

8) SAD!!!

travisallen02 on Twitter

To quote the president, the situation is sad.

9) The Potential Scandal

4evernevertrump on Twitter

It's about his pocketbooks, argues this user.

10) Bragging In Times Of Tragedy

sirdukedevin on Twitter

This is just the latest case, one user argues. Although whether or not Trump "bragged" after 9/11 is up to interpretation.

11) Trump Gets Special Treatment

ericuman on Twitter

When the president is in the building, the fire department takes extra measures.

12) Money Over People

nathanlerner on Twitter

That's what this user tweeted. Twenty years ago sprinklers were almost required buildings to be retrofitted.

13) Comparing & Contrasting

vicstoddard on Twitter

With regard to other tragedies, Trump has been quick to point the blame, but not this time.

The criticism of both sides has continued for hours since Brassner's death was announced. Opponents of Trump take issue with his silence, and his supporters attack the opponents for taking pleasure in the fire.