Here's How To Book A Room At The 'MAFS: Honeymoon Island' Resort


Everyone dreams about their honeymoon. Where will it be? What sights will I see? Exactly how much salt will end up in my hair and sand between my toes? Well. the Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island location is enough to get those wheels turning even harder. The show's backdrop is nothing short of the perfect paradise. There are crystal waters as far as the eye can see, vibrant flowers, white sand, swaying palms — basically everything you can imagine for a perfect honeymoon is there.

Believe it or not, it's a real destination. TV is known to play some tricks on its viewers, yes, but these couples aren't kissing in front of a green screen, that's for sure. For a while, the filming destination was kept secret from the public, likely for security reasons, but Married At First Sight compatibility experts Dr. Jessica Griffin and Pastor Calvin Roberson dropped some pretty major hints on social media, making it pretty easy to figure out. Back in August, they each shared images of tropical sands and beachwear with vague captions about a "secret work project." The location looked a lot like Honeymoon Island, and viewers now know, it was.

Where is Honeymoon Island exactly? It's also known as St. Lucia Island in the Caribbean, according to InTouch — basically everyone's dream honeymoon destination. Speculators knew that might be the case even before the location was revealed, though, especially after Pastor Roberson posted a picture of himself and a couple on their honeymoon in the St. Lucia Airport (without even tagging the location!).

"Met this awesome couple finishing their honeymoon in the Caribbean Congratulations Natalie and Jason Gordon," he wrote on Instagram. "'Forgive quickly. Never withhold kindness from each other. Embrace laughter. Keep in prayer.'" Dr. Griffin also shared a photo of the two of them under a gazebo on a "Caribbean island" that looks a lot like the one they sit in front of on the show. According to InTouch, the 16 honeymooners stayed at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in Choc Bay, St. Lucia. An Instagram post from Dr. Griffin confirms that.

"Flashback to a very rare moment of downtime on Honeymoon Island," she wrote. "Where @iamcalvinroberson and I spent several weeks talking about all things love, relationships, and even marriage... " She tagged the resort as her location in the photo.

If you've been watching Honeymoon Island so far and you can't get over the views, you can go ahead and book your stay now. You might want to hurry before there's a waiting list. According to the resort's website, it's a "vibrant, colorful and refreshingly casual All-Inclusive resort in Saint Lucia. Distinguished by its romantic beachfront setting just minutes from the world-class Rodney Bay Marina, Cap Estate Golf Course, and capital city of Castries, St. James’s Club Morgan Bay offers relaxation, romance and a hint of adventure. The perfect vacation destination for families, couples or weddings, this resort offers a host of beachfront fun and relaxation for everyone."

Are you sold yet? It's almost as if anyone can fall in love in a place that beautiful. But maybe that's the point...