All The Marvel Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Catch In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

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The Marvel Netflix series have always kept a safe distance from name-dropping the Hollywood Chrises and Infinity Stones that dominate the box office. Much like the anti-social characters who inhabit Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher, and Iron Fist, they stay in their own lanes. Plus, now that the characters have teamed up in The Defenders, there's even less to tease. That said, the Marvel Easter Eggs in Jessica Jones Season 2 include at least one major acknowledgement of a supernatural native New Yorker, while teasing a lot of comic book goodness to come.

Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 ahead — but they're organized by episode, so you can read as you go and discover what you may have missed.

Since teaming up against The Hand in The Defenders, the street-level heroes have gone their own way. Luke Cage is back up in Harlem. Claire Temple and Misty Knight are presumably there with him. Danny Rand and Colleen Wing are probably getting into trouble in SoHo, and Matt Murdock is still secretly in recovery after surviving an explosion.

Jessica is the only one left in Hell's Kitchen, back at work as a private investigator. Here are the jokes, references, and clues that Marvel fans should take note of in Jessica Jones Season 2.

Episodes 1 - 2

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"I haven't mentioned you or any of the others by name," Trish assures Jess about her talk show, acknowledging the team-up with Luke Cage, Matt Murdock, and Danny Rand. She also appears in a Patsy Walker outfit, complete with go-go boots, that is reminiscent of her character's comic origin. The two mention Metro-General hospital, Will "Nuke" Simpson, IGH, and Dr. Kozlov from the last season. We actually see Simpson, who was presumed dead, later in the episode. Kilgrave gets a shoutout as well, when Pryce Cheng calls him a "hapless British clown."

Jessica might think that "Whizzer" is nonsense, but not only does he turn out to be a real speedster, he's a Marvel comics character. The original Robert Frank wears yellow, just as his fated Netflix adaptation. Now, "lizards wearing human skin" is not a Marvel reference... yet. You never know what's coming down the pike. There have been aliens wearing human skin on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recently, so...

Remember Pam, Jeri's assistant? She's suing for sexual harassment. The show finally introduces Chao & Benowitz, Hogarth's partners. Maynard Tiboldt, the hypnotist that Trish mentions during Episode 1, is a Marvel villain called The Ringmaster. At the end of the episode, a meat-faced villain appears, but their Marvel identity is not yet clear.

In Episode 2, we're hit with two Spider-Man references. First, Whizzer says "with great power comes great mental illness." Later, when Griffin tells Jessica that he thinks Trish is in danger because his balls are tingling, Jessica calls it is "scrot-y sense."

Episodes 3 - 5

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Is Detective Costa related to the Costa family in the Punisher comics? Is Dr. Leslie Hansen relayed to Maya Hansen from Iron Man 3? Jessica asks "could this be any more cloak and dagger" in one episode, is that a reference to the upcoming Freeform series? Not all these Easter Eggs are clearly Easter eggs.

Foggy appears in Episode 3! It's clear, by the way he reaches out to Jeri, that he's still mourning Matt's (apparent) death in The Defenders.

Also in this episode is the biggest MCU reference that the traditionally coy Netflix universe has ever made — the son of Jessica's new super asks if she knows Captain America, and proceeds to show her his action figure. He's lost his shield, just like the real cap, but made a new one using magnets. It's a cute Infinity War reference.

Just like the Spider-Man jokes, "we prefer 'gifted'" is a funny poke at X-Men in Episode 4. Vido also asks Jessica if she's bulletproof. Presumably, he's heard of Luke Cage.

In Episode 5, the detective does reveal to Jessica that he was under Kilgrave's control at one point, and thanks her for killing him. This is also where we meet Dr. Karl, likely Karlin Malus from the comics.

Episode 6 - 8

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In Episode 6, the identity of Marvel villain Karl Malus is confirmed. In Episode 7, the big reveal of Janet McTeer as Alisa Jones, Jessica's presumed dead mother happens. Jessica also reveals that her middle name is Campbell, her mother's maiden name. In the comics, Jessica Campbell is adopted by the Jones family and her new mother is named Alisa. Netflix has combined those characters for the series.

Episode 8 shows off Stan Lee's face on a poster at Port Authority. Not all of the Marvel shows employ his infamous cameo, but it happens on occasion. The Captain America action figure gets another shoutout in this episode. Is Shane the healer a Marvel Easter Egg? Sadly, he's not, as we will discover.

Jessica also mentions "the Raft" in Episode 8 — a floating prison for super-powered individuals that has been alluded to in an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. webisode and seen in Captain America: Civil War.

Episodes 9 - 13

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Episodes 9 and 10 don't have many if any references, as tends to happen at this point in most of these shows when the characters get sucked into their individual journeys. Someone mentions Kilgrave again. Then, in Episode 11, Kilgrave actually appears as Jessica's delusion for a full episode that's almost a bottle episode. He's a lot less stressful this time around, now that he's dead and can't really control Jessica.

Turk alert! Turk alert! Everyone's favorite well-connected weapons dealer meets with Jeri in Episode 12 and sells her a gun.

In Episode 12, Jessica learns that "back ally doctors praying on people that want powers" is not uncommon in this world. That might be an Egg, or a clue. The final batch of episodes hint a lot at what's going to happen to Trish. Kilgrave mocks her quest for superpowers, calling her "Super Patsy" and a few other names.

But a nurse in Episode 13 hits closest to home when she says "you just used up two of your nine lives" to a recovering Trish. Marvel fans know that Patsy Walker in the comics becomes the hero Hellcat. In one of the final moments, as well, Trish discovers that she has enhanced reflexes.

Finally, and once again, there are two Spider-Man references in the season finale. What's the deal? Jessica warns her mother that "if you say 'with great power comes great responsibility,' I'll barf" and then she tells Vido that she doesn't have super senses. Jessica Jones and Peter Parker are kind of friends in the comics, but these references don't seem to indicate that they'd know each other at all.

That's all for Easter Eggs! It's a shame we didn't see Claire Temple this time around, but surely we'll see her enough when Luke Cage returns this summer and we're back in this world once again.