The Trailer & Premiere Date For 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 2 Are Finally Here

by Rachel Simon

It's finally (almost) here! After many months of anticipation, the Season 2 premiere date of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon's hit, Emmy-winning series, has been revealed — and it's probably sooner than you expected. The show, which stars Rachel Brosnahan as a '50s housewife who turns to stand-up comedy after her husband leaves her, will come back on Wednesday, December 5, right in time for the holidays. And to make matters even better, the premiere date announcement came alongside the first major Season 2 Maisel trailer.

Back in August, the first teaser for the show's second season was released, and the short clip provided fans with plenty of information to go on. It seemed from that clip that Midge would do some traveling in these new episodes to the Catskills and possibly elsewhere, while continuing to deal with the repercussions of her controversial stand-up act.

But now we have a full trailer, and it's an absolute delight. The clip makes it clear that one full year has passed since Midge's life was totally changed by Joel leaving her for his secretary, and as fans know, so much happened for her during that time. Midge pursued stand-up, became more confident in herself, and befriended her manager Susie, all while keeping her second life a secret from many people in her life, including Joel and her parents.

In the new trailer, Midge seems determined to keep doing stand-up and make her act as big as possible, no matter the skepticism she might face for her gender or background. It'll undoubtedly be thrilling to see how Midge adjusts to the comedy world outside of New York City, and if Joel, who found out about his ex's stand-up chops at the end of last season's finale, will spill her secret or do anything to derail her plans.

The trailer also hints at some potential new romance for Midge, which you know is going to make for some great storylines. And of course, Midge and Susie are still seemingly as close as can be, despite their very different personalities. Basically, the Season 2 Mrs. Maisel trailer is exactly what fans were hoping to get, and it makes the prospect of new episodes coming soon even more exciting.

And thankfully, it won't be very long until those new installments hit Amazon. Although the cast and crew only finished filming Season 2 in September, according to Brosnahan on the Emmys red carpet that month, the episodes will arrive at the very beginning of December. It's perfect timing for the holiday season; who doesn't want to spend all of December hanging on the couch, watching and re-watching Maisel to catch all the pop culture references and hilarious one-liners?

The hype for Season 2 has been pretty huge, especially after the series won eight Emmys at this year's show, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Brosnahan, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Alex Borstein, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Amy Sherman-Palladino, and of course, Outstanding Comedy Series. Yet while expectations for Maisel's return might be sky-high, the great new trailer makes it seem like the Amazon show will more than deliver.