The 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 2 Trailer Is FINALLY Here & Midge Is Going On The Road

After what feels like an eternity for fans, Amazon has finally released a Season 2 teaser trailer for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The clip shows Rachel Brosnahan's character, Midge, pursuing her standup dreams and even dancing with her estranged husband, Joel. It looks like she'll be taking a trip to the Catskills at some point, too — in a lime green car, no less.

If the show's first season featured Midge coming into her own as a comedian, the second season seems to be all about how Midge is using that newfound independence. She's still performing standup, and she's still taking care of her kids, but she's doing it all with a wide smile. Midge is as dynamic and enthralling as ever, and it's impossible not to root for her as she charms and dances her way through it all.

Unfortunately, the teaser is missing one very crucial point of information: when the show's second season will be available for streaming. The end of the trailer says only that Season 2 is "coming soon," which probably won't be of much help for eager fans. The trailer only has a few comments so far, two of which are fans asking when the new season will hit Amazon.

The biggest question the trailer seems to raise is whether or not Midge and Joel might get back together. The Season 1 finale included a hookup between the distanced couple, but that doesn't mean they'll be together in the long term. At the beginning of the trailer, Rose asks Midge if she's dating anyone, though the clip doesn't show her response. Midge has a surprised (and slightly horrified) look at the question, though the scene could also be hinting at a potential reconciliation for the Maisels. (Still, the trailer also includes a quick shot of Midge in a boat with a man who appears to be Zachary Levi, which could throw a wrench into things.)

And as for Midge's future in standup, she's no longer hiding behind the name Amanda Gleason. At her show at the Gaslight in the Season 1 finale, Midge declares that her "name is Mrs. Maisel." It looks like her criticism of Sophie wasn't the end of her comedy journey after all, which is echoed in the new trailer. In the teaser, Midge looks more confident than ever on stage.

Based on the teaser, it seems like Midge's parents are heading out to the Catskills, too. Abe is drinking a Bloody Mary at one point in the trailer, and it looks like he and Rose will be enjoying a nice New York state vacation. Of course, Susie is also featured prominently in the trailer, which ends with her reminding Midge, "T*ts up."

Hopefully, the show's second season will come sooner rather than later, because there's a lot of excitement going on in the teaser. Whatever happens to Midge, she really does seem unstoppable. Regardless of who she's involved with (or not involved with) romantically, Midge will keep being unapologetically herself.