You're Going To Want To Try This McDonald's "Frork" ASAP

Just when you thought everything important had already been invented, a thoroughly life-changing meal accessory is birthed from the Golden Arches themselves. World, meet the McDonald's Frork. It's a fork made from fries. Welcome to the 22nd century, buckos — we're officially living in the future.

In a faux infomercial starring real infomercial pitchman Andrew Sullivan, the fast food company introduced its latest utensil, the "flavor-focused, fundamentally superfluous" Frork. Obviously, The Frork is not operating on its own; nope, the plastic-handle-with-fries-for-tines contraption has been released as a marketing ploy for McDonald's new Signature Recipes menu, which features fancier "higher end" dishes like the Pico Guacamole Sandwich and Sweet BBQ Bacon Burger. So why a Frork when all the dishes are to be eaten with one's hands? Well, I think we've all experienced that irritating phenomenon common with extra-stuffed sandwiches — you take one bite (or like, five), and the condiment spillage begins. "Topping Dropping," if you will.

Yes, a real travesty. Andrew Sullivan certainly thinks so. (Just kidding, he specifically notes, "Is this a real problem? Probably not.") But regardless, it does happen, and that's where the flimsy Frork comes into play. It helps you scoop up all the little bits and pieces without getting your fingers dirty. I am one hundo percent not joking at this point.

That number at the end of the informercial, "1-844-McD-Frork"? Yep, it really works, and apparently if you call it you'll be graced by more Andrew Sullivan shouting more facts about a made-up utensil. Well, made-up in that it's silly. The Frork is very much real in the sense that, come May 5, with a purchase of a Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich (which runs between $4.99 and $5.19), you'll be gifted with a Frork, while supplies last. I can't tell if this is going to sell out instantly, or if McDonald's will still be trying to position these as currency once the apocalypse comes galloping through.

Though news of The Frork is still making its way through social media, the results are beginning to roll in, and they're... well, they're exactly what you'd expect. Let's just say that, as is usually the case, the internet has a lot of ~feelings.~ Some people immediately hit up Twitter to offer a few Frork tweaks for the future:

Others wordlessly found ways to express their love.

One person was already dreaming of ways to super-size the Frork:

One genius took this opportunity to point out a very important likeness:

Only time will tell whether or not the Frork will have staying power, but in the meantime you have to admit — you're kind of intrigued.