Milk Makeup's New Liquid Strobe Is A Game-Changer

Sometimes the best things come in a blink of the eye, and by that I mean dropped on an Instagram story before vanishing forever. It's the flip side of the virtual coin, but in the case of Milk Makeup's new Liquid Strobe highlight, I've got receipts (screenshots). Because trust — the brand knocked it into another universe with this one. According to the ingredient list, the stardust quality is all thanks to crushed pearl elixir...but please, I know stardust when I see it. Our first glimpse of Milk's Liquid Strobe is here, read all about it.

The Liquid Strobe are available in three colors on the Milk Makeup website, although not for sale yet. There's Aura, a pale, golden pink (rose gold is still going strong), Beam, a golden tan, and Ultraviolet, a lucent iridescent lavender. The brand hasn't swatched them yet, but if you found the brand's best-selling Holographic Stick too blue and their Lit highlighter too gold, this is looking like the Goldilocks solution. Packaged in their trademark rollerball applicator, the Liquid Strobes are also made for purse-to-subway application, like the rest of the Milk Makeup range. The brand is all about a brush-free beauty routine.

"Powered by Pearls. Targeted liquid highlighter for the ultimate strobing effect. Concentrated highlighter with dimension and shimmer. Quick and on point like you. Crushed pearl elixir infused formula for long- wear strobe effect," reads MILK's staccato description of the product.

Liquid Strobe In Ultraviolet, $24, Sephora

And it does look good, Ultraviolet especially, if you have yet to get in on the lavender holographic trend.

Liquid Strobe In Beam, $24, Sephora

Beam is more along the lines of a traditional highlight color, but so warmly gold that it looks like sunlight.

Liquid Strobe In Aura, $24, Sephora

Aura channels Benefit's High Beam for a solid TBT. Imagine Aura paired with its fellow spring release, Milk's Eye Vinyl in Light Rail, an iridescent lilac.

Milk Make Up Eye Vinyl In Light Rail, $20, Sephora

According to their Instagram, MILK is holding an Instagram Live with co-founder Dianna Ruth at 4 p.m. EST, if you've got questions and want answers.

Images: Courtesy of Brand