#More90sThanYou Twitter Is So Lit Right Now

by Lily Feinn

Move over Throwback Thursday, there's a new way to share nostalgic pics from the golden decade where checkered flannel was practically a religion and MTV reigned supreme. The #More90sThanYou hashtag on Twitter is having a serious moment, and I really hope this trending tag sticks around because the world definitely needs more frosted tips right now. If you've happened to notice a surplus of hilarious photos of our youthful, Tamagotchi-obsessed selves on the 140 character social media platform, you can thank independent Canadian publisher ECW Press for the uptick in '90s nostalgia. To drum up excitement for their latest book launch, the publisher started a photo contest on Twitter, posting on June 13, "Tweet your broody, glorious pics w/ #more90sthanyou for a chance to win the Pop Classics set #booklaunch@JenSookfongLee."

Fans had from 11 AM to 6 PM to upload their most '90s throwback photos, before the author of the latest book in the series made her selection and a winner was announced. Twitter users responded with excitement, sifting through their parent's photo albums and high school scrapbooks for snapshots taken with actual cameras (extra points if it was a polaroid — so '90s). Goth and grunge took center stage, and bored looks and bowl cuts were a must.

On the line was a collection of short volumes of critical commentary, each devoted to one culturally significant song, film, or TV show. The subjects range from the Ninja Turtles to My Own Private Idaho and the lucky winner with the broodiest '90s pic would receive the entire set.

Author and judge of the contest, Jen Sookfong Lee, got in on the fun, sharing her own '90s memories to kick things off — and, boy, were they '90s:

While the #More90sThanYou hashtag has been around since 2011, it had yet to really make it's mark on Twitter or Instagram. Happily, the competition gave the tag a major resurgence, solidifying it as a new way to share those perfect '90s moments. The numerous entries provide the perfect walk down memory lane, for which we are oh so grateful.

The photos posted had everything you might want from the '90s.

They had some intense suspenders:

Some serious chokers and black lace that would make Courtney Love proud:

To pencil thin eyebrows and hair just like Tai from Clueless:

Some of the memorable entries reminded us of when we had to wear all the padding possible to roller skate down the street:

And of a time when our personal style was way more colorful:

Don’t forget about when our prom looks came directly out of a Delia’s catalogue:

Lastly, I’d like to thank the internet for bringing me this gem, because we are all this girl at some point in the '90s:

The winning photo — a polaroid from ‘97 — had everything: hair scrunchies, giant patterned sweaters reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, stonewashed mom jeans, and a handful of bored looking teens. As Lee puts it in a tweet, the photo had the perfect combination of “alternative angst and kiddie-post-punk style”:

Though the contest is officially over, I hope the hashtag lives on because I need more perm pics in my life.