The Most Bomb Grilled Cheese And Soup Pairings For Whatever Mood You’re In

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Let's get this straight: Just because we're nearing the end of winter's blustery cold days doesn't mean we need to ditch all of our favorite seasonal comforts quite yet. In fact, if you ask me, there are some cold-weather favorites that can be adapted to be just as great year-round, with the unparalleled duo of grilled cheese and soup being my personal fave.

In case you're new to whipping up this savory sandwich on your own, I'll let you in on the tricks of the trade. Always be sure to butter one side of both of your bread slices, then add them butter-side down on a skillet over medium heat. Cooking your sandwich open-faced lets you ensure both slices are cooking evenly, plus it give you a pretty solid visual on how the inside of the sandwich is coming along. Once the bread is in the skillet, carefully add your cheese and other toppings, waiting to close the sandwich until you see the cheese starting to melt.

Continue cooking the closed sandwich in the skillet until both slices of bread are a golden brown, then enjoy them with one of Pacific Foods' clean and simple soups that are guaranteed to bring your meal to celebrity chef status.


If You're Feeling A Bit Nostalgic

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Hey — no need to fix what isn't broken, am I right? Throw it back to one of your school-aged favorites with a classic white bread, American cheese, and tomato soup pairing. Better yet, dial your meal up a notch by trying the classic sandwich with Pacific Foods' Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup.


If You Want A New Twist On Your Favorite Flavors

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Caprese lovers of the world will find their match with this perfectly paired sandwich and soup combo. Add buttered slices of Italian bread to a hot skillet, with a spoonful of pesto spread on top of one slice. Cover one piece of bread with a slice of provolone, and the other with a slice of mozzarella. When the cheese begins to melt, close the slices together and flip the sandwich to ensure both slices are golden. Slice the sandwich into two and try dipping your bites into a bowl of Pacfic Food's Roasted Red Pepper & Creamy Tomato soup. You won't regret it.


If You're In The Mood For Something Savory

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I've always loved Split Pea & Uncured Ham Soup, and I love it even more when it's paired with a crunchy, flavorful hot ham and cheese sandwich. I like this sandwich with potato bread, buttered on one side and thrown on a skillet. Cover one slice with dijon mustard, and the other with gruyere topped with ham. When the cheese begins to melt, close the slices together, flipping until the bread is golden brown.


If You're Looking To Try Something Unexpected

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There are so many fun ways to build a next-level grilled cheese, but the secret to the perfect combo is pairing it with an equally bold soup. Butter two slices of ciabatta, adding pepper jack cheese to the top of each. Top one slice with a couple of slices of prosciutto, and cover the other with thinly sliced ripe pears. Close the sandwich slices when the cheese begins melting, cooking until the outside is golden brown. Savor this flavorful sandwich with the sweet, buttery, and spicy flavors of Pacific Foods' Organic Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup.


If You Just Need Something Delicious And Filling

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Say no more. Start with a couple of buttered slices of bread of your choice in your skillet, topping each with sliced cheddar first, then sliced roast beef. Cook as usual until the bread is evenly cooked, then enjoy this hearty sammie with a hot bowl of Organic French Onion Soup for a classic but satisfying flavor combo.


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