Why Pimple Patches Could Be The Best Way To Banish Pesky Spots On The Sly

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We've all been there: we wake up on an important day, hoping and praying for clear skin, and pow, a surprise spot is there to welcome us in the mirror. And while there are many formulas that help out spots, pimple patches are the go-to treatment of the moment thanks to their discretion and targeted approach. The good news is that there are plenty out there to try, too, including options for all budgets. I've picked out the most effective pimple patches available in the UK, to reach for in times of need.

Pimple patches are, quite simply, small (usually circular) self-adhesive stickers that are designed to be applied to a spot. They are usually transparent, meaning you can even wear them throughout the day with little chance of detection. They often contain active ingredients designed to minimise inflammation and speed up healing, such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and niacinamide. Many are made from hydrocolloid, which is a brilliant healing dressing that helps to dry out a wound. Some are also microdarts, which contain microneedles that prick the spot in order to disperse the active ingredients more effectively.

Perhaps one of the main benefits of using spot stickers is that they prevent you from picking or touching your breakout. "Picking can increase inflammation and healing time and increase the risk for infection, discoloration and scarring," New York-based dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, told Huffpost. "So, if you have a tendency to pick, that’s certainly a positive there," he added.

Into the idea of pimple patches? Here are five of the best: